Rogers can’t cancel my Spotify add-on?

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Rogers can’t cancel my Spotify add-on?

So I’ve called into Rogers twice to cancel my Spotify add-on, and they aren’t able to remove it from my account, forcing me to pay $10/month.
In the meantime, my significant other upgraded to Spotify family for a discount. But now we’re stuck paying more because Rogers can’t cancel my Spotify and I can’t bring over my music.
This is very frustrating. Someone help.



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Re: Rogers can’t cancel my Spotify add-on?

Good afternoon @Yandl!


Welcome to our Community!


This definitely sounds like something that we should look into for you. Account related issues such as this are well within our ability to resolve. I am sorry to hear that you've had such difficulty getting it cancelled. 


Please PM us @CommunityHelps and I will investigate further. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.