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Rogers, being lied to.

I Plan to Stick Around

I'm wondering who else out there has had Rogers lie to them more then once and what you did?


Or, if Rogers lied to you countless times, would you stay a loyal customer?


Here's what happened this time.


I obtained a new phone in December 2014 (HTC One M8) nice phone, great sound from the speakers, been in an Otterbox Defender since day 1, no physical / water damage at all.

After about 4ish months (my 1st screenshot of this issue is dated 3-23 and can be seen here) of owning the phone I started dropping calls & when I would look at the phone it would readNo Sim


After it happened to me 3 or 4 more times I went to a local rogers dealership, they informed me it is a known defect with the phone & would replace the simcard & simcard tray so this was done, thought the issue was fixed... nope, happened a few days later. So now I call into Rogers.. figured it's still under 1 years warranty so manufactures warranty right?


Well, I could either 1) take it to a rogers dealership and get a temp replacement while mine gets sent in & repaired or 2) pay $30.00 ish bucks and have Rogers send me a phone.

So alright back to the rogers dealership I go... as why the . should I have to pay to replace something still under warranty??

Dealership tells me the only phones they have are flipphones for the replacement phone, well then, this won't work at all, I have a data phone for a  reason, I work in the IT industry therefore I NEED data and email access, not to mention I travel so I NEED teathering abilities. a Flipphone will not work what so ever.


So for the past 6 months I've just used my PC (google talk.... because you know.. Rogers Onenumber doesn't work on modern secure browsers like Google Chrome & Firefox.. this is also an issue that Rogers is well aware of but hasn't resolved yet!)


How-ever a few days ago I had a call on my mobile from a rather ~annoyed~ client, during my heated call with this client the call dropped at the absolute wrong time making it look like I had hung up on this client. in turn this cost me their business! This was the very last straw, I had called rogers to see what could be done, if nothing could be done I would buy out my contract and switch to another provider.


I was informed they could ship me a new phone (via Canada post as I've had thousands of dollars of items shipped via UPS left infront of my place stolen, I've had my signature forged & the closest place to pickup a missed delivery is Winnipeg MB and this is a hour drive away..), knock $5.00 off each month for 6 months & the $30.00 fee waived.


Today I get an email, saying my shipment has been released.. and wouldn't you believe it, its being shipped via UPS!


This is after the rep I spoke to made me wait aprox 20 minutes while he talked to Tier 2 to ensure that this could be done. This is after the rep I spoke to assured me that he put in his notes (and I quote "I have it noted here in all capitols that you are to get this shipped via Canada post and not UPS")


Have any of you guys been jerked around and lied to like this?.. what has Rogers done for you guys?



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Re: Rogers, being lied to.


Good afternoon @sean_chiarot


Welcome to the Community Forums and Thank you for your post!


I’d like to help regarding the situation with your device. However, adressing the issue you’ve described involves accessing your account.


I’m going to send you a private message from @CommunityHelps. Please check our message via the envelope icon that appears on the top right-hand side of your screen when you are logged in to the forums.



Re: Rogers, being lied to.

I Plan to Stick Around

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