Rogers associate Windows Phone fail.

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Rogers associate Windows Phone fail.

So I went into a Rogers Location in Ottawa yesterday because I had some questions, which was answered to my satisfaction. Then I asked about the Lumia 930 (Even though I know they don't have it and won't get it) and I asked if there was any news as to any possible devices coming soon.


This is the response I got " The windows phone guy was here the other day and was talking about something.... I don't know"


Wow. The most useless response I have ever received. I am a loyal customer of almost a decade who wants to upgrade my windows phone and continue paying ROGERS ALOT of money each month for it. I was not asking for specifics, I only asked if there was any news on any possible devices coming. And I get an answer that to me translated to " The windows rep was in last week talking about something I didn't care about so I stopped listening"


It is this kind of mentality and attitude that is not only terribly frustrating but doesn't help windows phone customers and possible adopters of the platform. So disapointed with my experience. I shouldn't be surprised about this stuff anymore.


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Re: Rogers associate Windows Phone fail.

So sorry for the poor experience.  If you'd like me to pass along the feedback to the store, please send me a private message with the store location and I'll send your feedback onto the correct team.  Thanks!



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