Rogers ZTE MF668 & Snow Leopard issues

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Rogers ZTE MF668 & Snow Leopard issues

Hi there,


I've been having all sorts of problems with this... The stick works fine with my older Leopard Macbook, but the brand new Snow Leopard 10.6.4 Macbook experiences a constant struggle of hanging and other issues. Not exactly what I was expecting since the box advertises compatibility with Mac OS 10.4 and above...


I finally got the stick to intermittently work by uninstalling and reinstalling the Connection Manager software, and fooling the system by not setting up the network preferences. Of course that means that if I shut down the computer I need to do this all over again every time I reboot it - which is unacceptable.


Now I am reading all sorts of news group discussions that say I shouldn't be using this hardware & software at all as it can damage the 64 bit OS as a result of the ZTE software & driver install replacing critical 64 bit system files with 32 bit versions. I will be very upset if my OS is damaged and requiring re-installs after using a seemingly simple piece of network hardware.


Can anyone shed some light on this? Are there software updates on the way? Hopefully I'm not saddled with an expensive 3 year Rogers contract for a device that doesn't integrate with current technology.


Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time...





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Re: Rogers ZTE MF668 & Snow Leopard issues

Hi Gerald,


The connection manager on the stick is the latest version available for the ZTE stick (There have been no updates since).


To confirm does the stick still work normally on the older OS? If the connection manager is giving you issues on this Mac there are a few work arounds.


There is a 3rd party app called launcher2net which also functions as a connection manager, it can be found here:


The above app seems like a trial but the previous versions still gave enough access to use the stick normally (Not 100% sure on this version but still worth a test).


The other option is to configure the stick directly in the network settings:

Click on the Apple

Go to System Preferences

Go to Network

On the bottom left you have a + symbol to add a device, select ZTE USB modem from the list

username: wapuser1

password: wap



This should allow you to connect


You can also get further stick support at 1866-931-3282.