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Rogers Yahoo Email - Issues

I've Been Here Awhile

Hi. Is anyone else having issues with their Rogers email (via Yahoo) going directly to the Trash box and not your In box? I use the Yahoo option from work but Outlook at home (and sometimes I check my Yahoo on the iPad). Why is my email going to Trash? I checked the Filters and there is nothing set up.

I know recently Rogers sent me an email about syncing issues so I suspect this is on their end, not mine.


Another thing I've noticed, Yahoo blocks a lot of SPAM from coming my way when I check email via Yahoo (good) but when I download my emails to Outlook all the backdated SPAM comes with it (not good). Why does this happen?



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Re: Rogers Yahoo Email - Issues

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

As for your first thing, i believe like you said, this was a rogers issue.


Both my mother and my wife, had all their email from their inbox, go to their trash.

A simple move back of all the emails, and it was fixed.




As for your 2nd part.   When on webmail, you dont see the spam.. they are in the spam folder.  But im not 100% sure its an actual foder, in the sence of like self made ones.
I beleive, when on the webmail.. its a filtered view per say in the end.. that anything that has been flaged as [spam] is filtered out of the view.


But when  you are downloading to your outlook.. it grabs EVERYTHING In the inbox which has not been downloaded yet.. which includes those [spam] marked ones.. as it doesnt understand the filtered view.


What i have done for my wife, etc to combat this, was just set up a simple rule in Outlook.  Set it up, that any email that comes in with the subject starting with the [spam] or whatever the front of the message is, that it automaticaly sends it to either the junk or the trash bit automaticaly.

Re: Rogers Yahoo Email - Issues

I've Been Around

As of today I will NEVER use Rogers Yahoo email again. The changes have caused me nothing but problems. I hate the look of it, the old version looked much much better. It takes forever to open when I have email and freezes all the time now. Very unhappy with it and will be telling my friends that have it all the problems I've been having.

Re: Rogers Yahoo Email - Issues

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
If you don't want to get rid of the email address, you can always use a 3rd party email client, and never use it. (Though you loose the functionality of the log in anywhere part).
Could always set up forwarding from your old email to whatever you switch too
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