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Rogers Yahoo Email Address Deleted

I've Been Here Awhile

That's a term I heard from a story about a waitress who refuses to give a customer a pickle because it's not on the menu. The customer leaves angry and her boss says "Why didn't ya' just give her the pickle!"  I awoke this morning to discover that my rogers email account that I have had for 15 years and for 16 months as a single customer with my own account had been deleted. No warning from Yahoo Canada or Rogers. 


The message read...

Create a new free Yahoo! ID.

You no longer have access to this Rogers Yahoo! email address because your account has been canceled by

IMPORTANT: If you did not cancel your account and you wish to reactivate your Rogers Yahoo! email, please close this window and call Rogers at 1-888-764-3771.

If you have canceled your Rogers Yahoo! account:

 You can still access your personal information such as Mail, Address Book, and Messenger friends by creating a new free Yahoo! ID.

  • If no action is taken in 0 day(s), you will lose your existing settings and personal information, and if you purchased any Premium Services (such as Yahoo! Canada Personals), they will be automatically cancelled.
  • Any personal information in your Rogers Yahoo! account will be transferred to your new free Yahoo! ID. Note: This process is NOT reversible and some personal information may not be transferable.
  • Choose "Continue" to transfer your canceled Rogers Yahoo! account to a new free Yahoo! ID.


So, even though when I got my own account in July 2014 and specifically said "can I keep my email address?"(which they assured me no problem) , I awake to discover that my ex-wife  deleted my account.  Again, an account I use to get my rogers bill,  to correspond with family, business associates, subscriptions all gone. Snap! Like that! The only thing Rogers says I can do when I called to complain is, and this is the killer, I have to contact my ex wife (who wont speak to me) to ask permission to get my email back. Or I can spend $700 going through my divorce lawyer asking for the same thing. Either way, ya' think that's likely? Given that she deleted the account without advising me some 16 months after I had my own account established. So my email account, that is supposed to be private and safe as long as I change the password every few months, etc was wiped clean with NO notification from Yahoo or ROgers.  


What do you think they said when I told them I was going to cancel my phone, cable and internet?  Yeah.  I was a Rogers customer all my life. Branded to them like Bounty papertowels or Bell telephone (which, by the way, I did change to ROGERS) or Colgate tooothpaste. You get the idea. I'm 52. I have had one email address the last 16 years. I can't begin to think who I need to contact.  


I know there are privacy issues but this is their mistake in not advising me in the first place about my vulnerability.  Make an exception. "Just give me the pickle!"



London Ontario






Re: Rogers Yahoo Email Address Deleted

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
The main problem here was when the person said you could keep your email.. Didn't do their whole job in explaining how.
That email was tied to your ex's account.. So in the end completely under their control.
What they should have then said, was to get it, you need to transfer it to your own account.

I have had Rogers email since the beta program for Rogers high speed. (In 95).
It was originally on my parents, which was fine. Until I moved out and got married.
At that point called them up with my mother able to talk, and give approval to move it off hers, and then onto mine.

This is where your running into the issue 😞 not being able to talk to her. Since by all means, since she owns the account... Per say owns the email then too 😞

To use your pickle reference, I generally do agree. But look at it this way. They would love to give you the pickle... But that pickle is one someone else's plate. They can't give it to you without asking them first.

Re: Rogers Yahoo Email Address Deleted

I'm a Senior Advisor

@WGReid look on the bright side.  At least your ex doesn't have access to your email.  I know, you probably had an easy to remember email address, registered on dozens of sites all over the net and now you have to start all over again.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: Rogers Yahoo Email Address Deleted

I've Been Here Awhile

RESOLVED! Finally (after threatening to cancel my account to emailing a board of directors) I was finally given back my old email address. Again, I get that there are policies toward who owns what email address etc., but I still think I should have been made aware of this when I first opened my account and was assured I could use my email address that I had before. This would have prevented this mix up in the first place.  Happy to be a continued customer with Rogers! Wm Reid

Re: Rogers Yahoo Email Address Deleted

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Glad to hear you got your account back 🙂

This definately is an issue of more the reps not knowing or explaining exactly what has to be done, process wise, to do it.



Re: Rogers Yahoo Email Address Deleted

Agreed. It should have been made clear that the e-mail address needed to be transferred to you. I find that, more often then not, that information is not made clear when a transfer of service is occuring. Glad to hear you got it resolved though.

Re: Rogers Yahoo Email Address Deleted

I've Been Here Awhile
On sept 5 I contacted Rogers and said I was moving and needed to cancel my cable and internet on sept 26, after this goncersation, coincidence Or not I wS unable to actress my email that I have had for years. It seems to have been deactivated and I can't get it back. I can't get it back, I can't update password as it says email not recognized I can't create it again because it says that it exists. I use this email daily. Frustrated is an understatement being a rogers customer since 1992.
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