Rogers Wireless Stores..question.

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Rogers Wireless Stores..question.

I'm not pin pointing Rogers store front stores in particular; but all carriers store fronts in general. My question is:

Why don't store front carriers have activated demo's for all their smartphone products?

One smartphone isn't the same as the next phone anymore. New smartphones nowadays have different OS,,functions, etc. Why not get the consumer to get some hands on the UX(User Experience).
 I don't want to pick up phone that it's turned off and inactive. It's  like picking up tile flooring at Home Depot, this one is nice and polished, it's pretty, build quality is great, fits in my hand well. who cares. 

When you in the market for a go for test drive,,.it's a big investment is computer gadgets and smartphones w/ contracts. why not let consumers try it before we buy it? I just found this a nuisance walking throughout a mall and going to different carrier store fronts and asking a sales you have a demo of this so and so phone. 


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Re: Rogers Wireless Stores..question.

Hello pixelus

Some Rogers stores and third party authorized dealers do have live demos in which you can hold / use. Remember tho they had live demos before a people would just break off the security wire and leave without anyone noticing. This is the main reason why they have fake demos.

Also some stores have live demos but have the phones in their pockets or in the back. It depends this if they are allowed by store manager or not.