Rogers To Launch Customer Loyalty Program This Year!

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Rogers To Launch Customer Loyalty Program This Year!

What is Rogers possibly thinking on this one? Will they be doing away with retention deals so that customers can sign up for Roger's banking and credit card services and thus get discounts on Roger's services? Who in their right mind would ever entrust their money to Rogers Banking? Rogers needs to improve its customer service "significantly."



The best comment I have read on this is:


"I will NEVER bank with them, or have a charge card with them. I can't trust these leeches to ensure my cable bill is correct, you think I am going to trust them with my savings. HAHAHAHA"


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Re: Rogers To Launch Customer Loyalty Program This Year!

Not that the banks are that much better at actually handling money and stuff (moved banks a few times due to them changing policies without notifying us).

But I would personally keep them separate just for bank does banking stuff, Rogers for telecom, etc.

We would have to see what happens.
The way I read it, the 'deals for long standing customers are a separate thing than the banking.
I could see partially dropping or lessening retentions. Allot of their offers are based of factors of what services and years with the company, etc. would be nice to be a thing where you can log in and check a page for ones you qualify for, and activate, etc.

Will have to wait and see when more details are revealed.

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Re: Rogers To Launch Customer Loyalty Program This Year!



We are looking to launch a loyalty program to demonstrate how much we value you as a customer and to reward you for using Rogers products and services. The program will be available to all of our customers and more details will be announced soon.


While we have applied to the Minister of Finance to become a bank, under the Bank Act, primarily focused on credit, payment and charge card services. We have no plans to become a full-service deposit-taking financial institution.
We routinely explore opportunities to strengthen our position as a leader and innovator in the communications industry. While our core strengths remain in communications and media, we are always looking for more ways to deliver value to our customers.