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Rogers Technician No Show

I'm Here A Lot

Hello, pretty frustrated over here. Spent and hour on the phone yesterday being transferred through 4 Rogers representative through the chat feature and finally was able to find the rep who could book a technician to come to my house between 4-6 today. It's now 7:30 and I have not been contacted by the technician; the text I received to track how close the technician is to getting to my house just says "We are delayed...stay tuned..."  I came home from work early to be here for the 4-6 window.  This is very disrespectful of my time.  A call apologizing and rescheduling would have been not ideal but at least respectful to the process.  Not cool, Rogers.  We've been customers for 20 years.


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Re: Rogers Technician No Show

I'm Here A Lot


Another Rogers representative - calling himself Andre - just called me to ask how the technician visit went...I informed him that the technician did not show up.  Andre then informed there was an emergency and the technician could not come.  This follow-up call came at 7:55 pm - almost two hours AFTER the 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm window I was given.  I asked Andre is this normal practice that a technician would not at least respectfully call a customer if the technician couldn't arrive for the call.  Andre told me the technician probably forgot.  Really, Andre?  Is that an appropriate answer to someone who came home from work at 4 to be home for the call (because of course if Rogers calls and you don't answer or aren't home they cancel the call) and then wait FOUR hours for a technician who didn't come? I think not, Andre.   Andre did offer to book another appointment in two days.  Thanks, Andre.  You've been very helpful.  Andre then gave us the generic Rogers number to lodge our complaint...cue the elevator music and directory purgatory.  Got someone on the phone who of course was very sorry that we experienced this situation, as was Andre and all of the other representatives I spoke to - everyone contrite.  Thanks, Rogers!

Re: Rogers Technician No Show

Update 2:

Just got off the phone with "Moe from Vancouver" whom I was transferred to from "Mike from Moncton" who I was transferred to from "Sangita from Toronto."  Moe was very sorry.   The technician should 'definitely' have called.  You 'definitely' have reason to be upset.  Sir, I 'definitely' would have been upset too.  Thanks, Moe from Vancouver.  Now what can you do for me for my troubles?  Moe credited my account $45.  Still don't feel great.  Hopefully the technician shows up between 12-2 tomorrow.  Isn't technology great?  

Re: Rogers Technician No Show

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@RonKWCregion wrote:

... finally was able to find the rep who could book a technician to come to my house between 4-6 today. It's now 7:30

Did you get an e-mail link to Rogers-Enroute after you set up the appointment? I'm not sure if it's available to you, but I find this most useful. The e-mail link contains information about the expected arrival time (updated during the two hour window) and where the technician is on a map. It also sends a "last minute" e-mail when the technician is on the way to your home.  The technician should also call when he's on the way to your home (mine did).


There is also a "text" option - I assume with similar information, however, I preferred the e-mail approach.


Of course I agree that you should have been notified of the "emergency" either by the Enroute system, or by the technician.


I have had previous experience with Enroute and it told me right away when the service call was "cancelled". In my case the call was cancelled because, after the call was scheduled, Rogers thought the issue was an "outside" issue, not an "inside" (the home) issue.

Re: Rogers Technician No Show

Yes I got the en route text notifications. They counted down from two hours until the time was up then there was a message saying "we are delayed, stay tuned." That message stayed on until two hours later when someone from Rogers called to follow-up about the call.  I agree - great function to alert customers about arrival - if arrival actually happens. 🙂

Re: Rogers Technician No Show

With the ignite setup, were you not given a specific concierge name/number?

I know a lot have (maybe they are not anymore though?).

And a more direct person to contact when there are issues with the setup, etc.

Re: Rogers Technician No Show

Yes all of the above. Rogers took full responsibility and another technician is scheduled to come to our house this afternoon.

Re: Rogers Technician No Show

i was given a number for my specific concierge but he was never at his desk  great idea but a complete waste of time

Re: Rogers Technician No Show



Well after arranging for another tech to come by, we were notified that the tech was working overtime somewhere else and couldn't come.  So we re-scheduled yet again including being passed from one Rogers representative to another four times again and finally I spoke with "Steve from Moncton" who we negotiated a price for the EERO installation to enhance our wifi. We set the appointment for today between 8-10 am.  We were notified through the enroutes system that our tech was on his way.  Our tech came to the front door and introduced himself.  Then said, "what can I do for you?"  I said did you not get the order from Rogers about installing the EERO?  He said no he just has in his system that there is service call.  If you are reading this post and haven't seen the original posts, you should go back and read them.


If there is a Rogers representative - an actual employee of Rogers - monitoring this forum, I would love to hear from you.  How is this possible? Both my husband and I work in the public sector - we can't even find the words to describe this service.  We have to call a call centre that Rogers uses and get passed through countless "Rogers" representatives; the representative then has to book a technician that Rogers subcontracts.  Multiple breakdowns in the communication chain.  All we want is for a technician to come and install an EERO to enhance our wifi (why the wifi doesn't reach the entire house is another story).  


Back to today's technician...he was a lovely man who didn't have the equipment that needed to be installed.  He said he will contact a colleague to get the equipment and come back later today to instal it.  I just received a call from him to say he is too busy to come back today.  Then he said, "Please call Rogers and request another technician."  Then he said, "explain to them very carefully that you want an EERO installed and not a service call."


So tonight I have to go back online to the Rogers chat and go through multiple representatives again to explain our situation to book another tech.  How is this possible?  I am only posting this to see if Rogers actually follows up with any of this. The gaps and inefficiencies in Rogers' communication and booking is beyond belief.  And of course there is no one person to blame..."Steve from Moncton" is off into the ether...I can't call 'Steve' to say what happened. Instead I will get "First name from Somewhere" who will be sorry and will apologize and then will transfer me to someone else who will be sorry...




Re: Rogers Technician No Show

Good evening @RonKWCregion,


Thank you for your detailed account of events. We appreciate you are taking the time to bring this up to our attention. As moderators, we do monitor the forums. We were happy to learn you got compensated after the first cancelled technician visit and we certainly hope you were able to get another appointment following today's interaction. We're overall sad to know you're not entirely satisfied with your Ignite TV experience so far.


However, the Rogers Community Forums is a peer-to-peer support community where users can help other users with questions about Rogers products and services.  We monitor all of the content and we will address unanswered questions, if they have not already been responded to by the community. However, on the whole, we don't answer account related questions publicly in the community. 


If you require account-specific support, please reach out to us via private message @CommunityHelps. We will have to exchange privately to access your account etc. You'll find details about our private messaging system in this blog. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact our Social Media team via Twitter (@RogersHelps) or on Facebook ( 


Hope this helps!



Re: Rogers Technician No Show

I Plan to Stick Around

@moongazer   Fully agree.  I never call the concierge number I was given - she is NEVER at her desk and doesn't return calls. 

Re: Rogers Technician No Show

Hello Rogersmaude,


I understand that this is a community support platform.  I'm here to document the experiences we have been having so that other Rogers customers don't feel that there situation is unique.  As long as this saga continues I will give updates because we want this documented.  



After another round of calls to Rogers representatives on Tuesday night, another appointment was scheduled for Wednesday (yesterday)... same deal, would be here between 12-2. This time (and we have the chat documented) the technician will come, we were promised, with the hub and the beacon.   The technician again did not show up, despite the text messages we received that he was on his way and that he would be arriving shortly.  


Wednesday afternoon we finally were able to speak with a manager who said he can't figure out why the technicians aren't showing up - it must be a glitch in their system.  FOUR times my husband or I have come home from work to let the Rogers Tech in and four times either a no show or the technician came and didn't know why he was there.

And yes, RogersMaude, we have reached out to Rogers people continuously and without any response.  

Today I spoke with another manager (lots of apologies) and he claims that technicians have been arriving at an address similar to ours in Toronto.   Seems a bit suspect to me since two did show up to our house and didn't know why they were there. 


Just got off the phone with another friendly Rogers representative and got another text notification about another technician coming Friday (tomorrow) between 10-12.  I will post a resolution to this story.  This isn't about help - we're seeking the help we need.  This is an open account of a highly frustrating two weeks interfacing with the Rogers system.  You need to do better, folks.  Pass that along up the chain, RogersMaude.  


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