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Rogers Sony Xperia ZL - Android 5 - Support please

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Two part query for Rogers experts:


1) Any news or timeline on the Sony Xperia ZL 6506 from Rogers getting updates to Android 5.x?  Most of us are on your grandfathered 3 year contracts and should expect another 12-18 months out of the phone lifecycle.  


2) Will Rogers allow manufacturer bootloader unlocking of the Sony Xperia ZL 6506 to upgrade the phone to AOSP code released by Sony this season (ie.via:  ) as most of us are committed to Sony updates and are probably fine with being carrier locked to Rogers - but why lock the bootloader on those handsets?  If Rogers' code update commitments with the manufacturer were timely and not a contract issue for customers perhaps this might be a prudent move to reverse by releasing all bootloaders for Sony developer unlocks?  Customers off warranty but on contract may actually want to self-remediate and run stable and safe Android OS...


Perhaps this warrants a comment or two, or discussion?




Or not 😉 ... Considering most all Rogers Xperia ZL owners' batteries should be dying shortly just off warranty causing a death led condition and bootloop where phone only works when plugged into a charger - may be no issue at all 😉   To be fair - you can save hundreds and fix it yourself in 30 minutes for the price of a few Timmies or a NextBox HBO fight order 🙂

Like this:


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Re: Rogers Sony Xperia ZL - Android 5 - Support please

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Hello mattkk

Unfortunately there is no time frame on when Rogers will release the 5.0 Lollipop update for the Sony Xperia ZL. Sony must send it first to Rogers and then Rogers will need to finish the update, test it and then release it. Until then there is no information available at the moment. You can always check the "OS Upgrade Schedule" thread to see if they updated it with that device and update information

Unfortunately again Rogers doesn't allow that it seems. Not many carriers are allowing this feature as they want the device to be locked to them.

This is a user to user forum so u won't get Rogers reps here to reply.

Re: Rogers Sony Xperia ZL - Android 5 - Support please

There may be an upgrade in the summer but bugs of higher severity that will remain unpatched are common and piling up on Sony, LG and Samsung devices running 4.x and prior.  Bugs like the WiFi Direct or Webview vulnerabilities were an eye opener for a lot of people stuck on Android 4.x versions.  Most carrier devices from Sony, Motorola, Samsung and LG are getting shorter code support than 24 month contracts.  Buyer beware.


For devices like my Rogers contract Sony on 4.4.4:


I think the old post for Rogers upgrade schedule is pretty out of date.  Lists May update for this Xperia to 5.0.2 but AOSP code from Sony is already forked to another version it appears and this might be delayed or cancelled?