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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Rocket Hub

Looking at your location, you may want to point your antenna at the tower on Yellow Point Road. I'd suggest that using a tower further away from the teenagers in Ladysmith or the airport travellers might be your best choice.


I suspect what I might do is try the tower well north of Ladysmith first, it's about 2 miles or so south of the airport.  I have a clear line to that one.  However, if the signal will penetrate a few trees, I could aim at the Crow and Gate tower on Yellow Point road.


I have discovered (thanks to others) a whole array of information about my signals.


Currently, signal strength is -62 dBm, RSSI is 22, Ec/Io is -6.0 dB, but that fluctuates wildly and changes every 15 seconds.  RSCP is -68 dBm.  The numbers look good, but the speed is slothlike.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers Rocket Hub

Re: Speedtest. I find Speedtest accurately reflects the download speed I can get. Download speeds vary greatly from site to site. Site like Microsoft usually provide great download speeds. To monitor your speeds constantly with a graph on your desktop, Networx works great;- With my old Ericsson w35, I got speeds averaging 2Mbps and 1Mbps. My new Netcomm 3G10WVR2 (using the same outdoor antenna) gets average speeds inthe 3Mbps and 1Mbps range with a high of 4.35Mbps. 


I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers Rocket Hub

Hi - if I may add my two cents, I went through a lot of difficulty with the same issues - moving from the Outdoor Portable modem to the Rocket Hub - at our cottage, which is on the East side of Lake Simcoe. I ended up buying a booster kit from a Rogers Wireless store in Orillia, which is outside and has a cable that you run inside and connect to the Rocket Hub. After finagling with it over a few weekends I am not getting 1.5 mb / sec and up. If you get it, you need to call back Rogers and ask them where the nearest tower is, and then ensure the booster is pointed in that direction. It's a lot like pointing a TV antenna in the right direction to get the best signal, but it eventually does work. (I also have a Mac router, which I have connected, so it provides wireless throughout the cottage).


I apologize as I can't remember the name of the booster itself, but there were two types available at the Orillia Rogers store - one for $99 and one for $149.


I hope this helps...