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Rogers Rewards down?

I Plan to Stick Around

Just got my invite into the program but when I click on the link i just keeps spinning.  Is the site down for everyone else too?


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Re: Rogers Rewards down?

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello Moxy

Nope mine works just fine. I canèt sign in as i am not able too ( not in my location yet) but the page works just fine.Try another browser & see if that works.

Re: Rogers Rewards down?

did take a good 20 seconds of it spinning to log in for me, but it did log in.


(Due to my other promos right now, i dont have the better choice bundles.. and is avail in my area, so i was atuo enroled, it appears).

Re: Rogers Rewards down?

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello Moxy & Gdkitty

Rogers Rewards is up as of yesterday in Toronto & the site has been working just fine. Anyone with Better Choice Bundles will not be eligible or is eligible but if you go ahead with the Rogers First Rewards, you will LOSE your Better Bundle Discounts. Just a warning.

" Our records indicate that you are enrolled in a Better Choice Bundles discount
Unfortunately, participation in the Rogers First Rewards loyalty program cannot be combined with theBetter Choice Bundles™ discount. You can either continue to receive the Better Choice Bundlesdiscount or enroll in the Rogers First Rewards loyalty program. "

Re: Rogers Rewards down?

Yeah, unfortunately, i didnt have a choice.. since i dont have the bundle right now.. and wont get it back now either 😞

(will just have to call back and ask for another promo when this one finishes)

All in all.. for someone who IS on the better choice bundles.. and if there isnt anything you REALLY could take advantage of regularily (say travel alot with your phone, etc).. i would stick with the better choice bundles.. more savings per say there.

New sign ups, who are not on the better choice anyways, dont really have a choice... but at least its better than nothing.

Re: Rogers Rewards down?

I'm a Senior Advisor
Hmm this could be an easy way out for people looking to cancel. Just switch to this program, lose your bundles and bam no more contract.

Re: Rogers Rewards down?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Hmm..MIGHT work 🙂

Though all their NEW bundle pricing.. at least for new people, etc.. have no contracts.. just first, 2nd, etc year pricing.. but no contract.

I am guessing any PREVIOUS contracts, still exist though till end of their term.
Retention deals, may still contain contrats, too, as they are OUSIDE Of the bundle pricing.

Re: Rogers Rewards down?

I've Been Around
Got my rogers first rewards invite but the webpage wont work. Keeps saying error and to try again. But i have been trying for two days now.

Re: Rogers Rewards down?

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello Bonyg

Hmm mine works just fine as i was able to log in & view my points & such. Have you tried another browser?

Re: Rogers Rewards down?

I've Been Here Awhile

I've been trying since yesterday and have the same problem, wheels just keep spinning, both using Firefix and Chrome.

Re: Rogers Rewards down?

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello guyman

It does that sometimes on the Rogers web page
Try with IE and see. Mine works just fine r

Re: Rogers Rewards down?

I am currently able to get in, both via FF and IE11

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