Rogers Radio App for Iphone 5 !

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Rogers Radio App for Iphone 5 !

Rogers now has the Radio App for Iphone, if anyone notice this, initially i like to ask if this Rogers Radio app is Ofiicially from Rogers ? 2nd i having issue with this app for my iphone5, the line keep on disconnecting between the phone and the Radio, potentially i can use other great Radio App instead but i'd like to have an App with the name Rogers on it, using Rogers network having Rogers  Apps is nice isn't it ?


I like this Rogers Radio app the creator of this Rogers Radio App please fix the issue thanks.


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Re: Rogers Radio App for Iphone 5 !

Hello RandySolara

Yes this is a Official Rogers app. I never even knew they had this & i really doubt anyone else wants this app as it is ONLY limited to what Rogers wants on the app. Looking at Reviews, it seems like its not a good app anyways

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Re: Rogers Radio App for Iphone 5 !

umm this is nothing new.  Rogers has a division called Rogers Media, which owns several radio stations across canada, this app is just that, an applicaiton to play streaming music from those stations onto your iphone/ipod or other device.  This app is not really new either, ive had it on my iphone since late 2009 also, not sure whats so new? maybe its a new version of the app was recently released?

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