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Rogers PVR replay question

I Plan to Stick Around

When I try to play a recorded program on my Nextbox PVR I get this window ...


The program “House Hunters International” on pvr 778 cannot be viewed right now. The program may have been deleted or there may not be enough resources available.


It won't play the program. It just defaults to this message.


Anyone enlighten me as to what the problem is?



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Re: Rogers PVR replay question

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Can happen ocassionaly on playback...

Try rebooting your PVR and see if you can play it back.

Re: Rogers PVR replay question

I'm a Trusted Contributor

Hi @shamrock2007  I'm sorry to say that you're new a member of a large group of Rogers PVR users that has fallen victim to a Rogers PVR bug that Rogers has known about for quite a while.


My NB3 developed the same problem over 3 months ago - and I'm sorry to tell you that the only way to COMPLETELY fix the problem is to replace the box.


But in the meantime, you can play existing recordings on your box by rebooting the box.  But - and this is where things get complicated - sometimes, you can reboot the box once, and it will play recordings after that - but other times you have to reboot the box again, and again, and again.


In order for you to really understand why, you may want to read this thread that talks about this problem:


The cause of your issue is a corruption in one of the programs you recorded.  Rogers has no fix for this issue.  You can reboot the box, and it sort of limps along, and you can watch a few programs, but then the problem reoccurs.


The reason you can SOMETIMES play recordings after one reboot, but sometimes you need to reboot more often, was explained by somebody in the thread above.  The box messes up if it is performing disk optimization.  You then have to reboot.


So - after you reboot, start to play a recording - RIGHT AWAY.  If you give the box a few minutes after you reboot, and it starts performing the task where it shrinks your recordings - it won't play a recording, and you have to reboot again.


I suffered with this problem for THREE MONTHS - and after call and call and call to Rogers tech help, and HOURS reading this forum and the Digital Home forum, I learned more about the problem.  There is a hardware problem with SOME of the PVRs.  One person in the threat mentioned above said that he got rid of the problem by doing a Complete Factory Reset - but when you do that - you lose ALL YOUR RECORDINGS, and favorite channels, and scheduled recordings.


It took me months to watch all the programs I had on my hard drive (it was over 90% full when the problem started).  So when I finally had watched all the programs, and I was ready to do a factory reset - I learned from Rogers tech help employees that - they say - the problem IS LIKELY to reoccur.  


So I replaced my box.


Good luck.

Re: Rogers PVR replay question

I Plan to Stick Around

Many thanks for the reply Bill. That explains a lot. My PVR is actually a replacement box. I replaced it because of this problem happening in the previous one. I guess I will keep replacing it until I get a good one .... if ever.

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