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Rogers Online Protection?

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What is Rogers Online Protection?



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Re: Rogers Online Protection?

I totally disagree.  Check out the Norton Security Suite and see what is provided re:  registry cleanup for example.  I spent many hours searching for a free programme and while they will scan your computer for free, they will  NOT fix the problems and clean your registry or temp files.  Every programme charges between $40 for 6 months - 1 year for one computer.  Microsoft Essential is good for security but not the other components of the Norton package.

Re: Rogers Online Protection?

gdkitty:  I think we're talking about two different things.  My concern is more with the lack of tune-up, back-up and identity protection that Rogers does not provide for free but charges a monthly fee for.

Re: Rogers Online Protection?

Registry cleanup, is totaly un-necessary.  It does NOTHING really that will speed up a slow running PC etc.  Only thing it would do, it remove bad entried (if you had a virus/malware put them there, but the malware would still exist).  It can remove say entries from your startup for programs which dont need to be run.. but you can do that through windows as well.

I have used many cleaners which do registry stuff.. and they make no difference.
(and yes i do know what i am talking about, i am a sys admin at a corporation, which runs/services probably 250 pcs)

And as well ccCleaner, probably the most POPULAR one, does scan, and clean all for free (as well as temp files, cookies, etc) 



In the end.. rogers again doesnt HAVE to provide any of these forms of products/services.
IF a person doesnt like to pay the monthly for it.. they are free to use another form of software, like the norton suite.  There is nothing forcing people to use the rogers ones, they are not manditory or anything.

A person in the end, would be better us use norton anyways, which includes all those things, as they run better than the rogers ones ANYWAYS.

Re: Rogers Online Protection?

Sorry, not trying to start a big argument here or anything.

Pretty much it comes down to.. use what suits you best.

Buy/use for free/pay monthly, for whatever you choose to use.. whatever you find best that suits your needs.


If one doesnt provide what you want, move onto the next. (heck, this even goes for internet providers!) 🙂

Re: Rogers Online Protection?



it would seem a no-brainer that we need to have anti-virus/anti-malware software installed on our Windows PC's.  Whether any given ISP provides anti-virus (and other sytem maintenance and management) software clearly depends on which company you deal with, and what package you purchase from them.  I am a Rogers customer, and connect via the cellular/mobile network.  The package I have includes only the Internet/data connection.  And that is all I want.  It would be better if the monthly price were lower, but what the heck, this is Canada, eh?


As I stated earlier, anti-virus/anti-malware software is mandatory on a Windows PC.  And Norton does provide such software.  And a whole lot more.   But I have never been a big Norton fan.  In my opinion, I just don't need what they provide.  And I certainly don't want to pay their annual charges.  And I find Norton to be way too overbearing in their presence on a PC.  And once installed, Norton can be  a pain to uninstall/remove from a PC.  But, you may like what they do, and that is your option.


I run MS Security Essentials, and have my Internet browsers (Chrome and Firefox) set up with various plugins and options to provide protection and security.  I strongly believe that MS is in the best position to provide us with anti-virus and security-related software.  They "own" the Windows O/S and ought to be the reigning gurus on how to protect it and keep it cleaned of malware.  They also have strong motivation to maintain the integrity and reputation of their software products.  Beginning with Windows Vista, Microsoft has made significant security-related architectural changes to Windows for this reason.


And occasionally I will feel motivated to check into some performance-related issues.  This happens mainly when I feel that my PC is getting too slow.  Then I will perform hard drive defragmentation, registry cleanup, removal of startup and other extraneous running software, which we tend to accumulate as we surf the Internet and use our PC's.  But these will have been the result of normal use and operation of my PC.  They are not virus or malware-related.


There is no doubt that viruses and malware have the potential to affect adversely the performance of our Windows PC's.  But keeping those off the machine should be a preventative measure achieved with prophylactic measures.  Windows performance tuning practices are much more like sensible eating habits and following a regular fitness regime.  Don't forget that the "P" in PC is for "Personal".  So do take care to practice your personal hygiene and fitness regime digitally as well!Smiley Wink