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Rogers Online Protection & Program Updates

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I have Rogers Online Protection. Apparently during the last week, there was a program update, and a new item had been added to the results page after a new scan: "rootkits".


When I first did a scan before I realized afterwards there was a new rootkit scan check, the results came back showing 2 rootkit items were scanned , BUT there was no infection. I was alarmed nonetheless that there are rootkits on my computer. On a subsequent scan on the same day, the results came back with 1 rootkit item found as a scanned item,BUT still no infection, then the next day (after the computer being shut off), the scan results came back with no rootkits items found.  All scans were deep level scans.


I used Windows Defender, Sophos Virus Removal Tool & Malewarebytes Antimalware and all their scans showed no infection.


What is going on? Do I have rootkits installed on my computer? Are they hiding now after subsequent scans? Should I be worried?



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Re: Rogers Online Protection & Program Updates

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If you just do a search of these forums, you will find numerous posts advising you to stay away from Rogers Online Protection. Do a Google search and you will find even more. ROP causes more problems than it is worth. I would get rid of it, download Microsoft Security Essentials, or another free anti-virus of your choice if this is what you looking for and never download anymore software from Rogers!

Re: Rogers Online Protection & Program Updates


Frazzled, thank for your reply.

I agree with you that Roger Online Protection is not very good.



However, I would still like to know ...


if I have any rootkits installed on my computer?


Were the scans results, that found rootkits , but there were not infections, false-positives?


Does the finding of a rootkit that is also not infectious a cause for concern, even??



Re: Rogers Online Protection & Program Updates

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Resident Expert
They were likely false positives. If the other programs never located them, they likely never existed.

Re: Rogers Online Protection & Program Updates

I forgot to mention the first scan found 2 rootkits, the second scan later on the same day found 1 rootkits, and the next day's scan found 0 rootkits. All were found but were not infections.


Aren't rootkits in general bad ?

Re: Rogers Online Protection & Program Updates

Generaly, rootkits are bad, yes.
(assuming those were real detections)


You can try a 3rd party rootkit only detection software like:


And see if it comes up with anything.

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