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Rogers Online Protection Upgrade

I've Been Around

I received a pop up informing me to rogers online protection needed to be updated. I clicked on the update button and now I have no sound on my computer, my screen saver is set to run a photos slide show and now that will not work it just shows a black screen with an error message.  Has anyone else had problems installing this new upgrade or can anyone advise me how to get my sound back and my screen saver photos.




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Re: Rogers Online Protection Upgrade

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Odd that the AV would effect the screen saver or sound..

The sound, you have checked the sound settings on the PC?  The sound icon near the time in the corner.. make sure not muted or lowered.

Double check your screen saver settings in control pannel.

As for the Rogers online protection..

MOST users you find here... especially even us RE's, etc...
Don't use it.
There have been many update issues in the past, etc.
As well, there are MANY other AV programs, even free ones, which do an even better job than the rogers one do.

Re: Rogers Online Protection Upgrade

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Agree with Gdkitty. Never, under any circumstances, download any software from Rogers. Delete what you have and go with something better - like MSE. By the same token, if you go online for help and a Rogers tech asks to take over your computer - the same advice applies - don't do it!
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