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Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hi Community,


Welcome to the official Rogers Online Gaming Feedback thread! We will use this thread as a central point to discuss anything related to your online gaming experience on the Rogers network.  Our @CommunityHelps team will be here to help as usual.


We also recommend all of our gamers to sign up for the Rogers WiFi Modem Firmware Trial. Feedback from the Community has resulted in great improvements to the overall internet experience, specifically with regards to ping and latency on the Rogers network. For details of this program, please see this thread.


To learn more about Rogers and online gaming, check out our gaming page at


Thank you for your continued feedback and support.


Game on!!

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Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Yeah that's what I've been told as well.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'm going to wait a day or two and if nobody replies / it doesn't lead to a resolution I'll just swap. Unfortunately no fiber where I am 😞

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I've Been Here Awhile

Best package I can get with bell is 50 download 10 upload. If they had anything better I would've switched yesterday.

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Is this thread no longer being monitored? Why post here if nobody replies or reads the thread anymore...

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Terrible download/upload speeds for Hitron Coda


We have been having major issues over last 3 weeks with this. Our kids are unable to play on PS4 without it lagging. We have approximately 7 devices attached to modem at once. Tried resetting and only having ps4 on modem and still have major issues....

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread



1.  Are you connecting to the modem via ethernet or wifi or both?


2.  Is the PS4 connected via ethernet or wifi?


3.  can you log into the modem and let me know what Software version is shown on the Status tab.  That tab is displayed automatically when you log into the modem.   The version should be or


3.  Please navigate from there to the STATUS .... DOCSIS WAN tab.  Select or highlight from the start of the 
Downstream Overview, all the way to the bottom right hand corner of the bottom OFDM/OFDMA Overview section, right click .... Copy.  Then in a new post, right click .... Paste.  The entire table should paste into a post and look like the table in the modem.  


With the signal data on hand, we'll be able to see if there's a signal issue afoot.  


Just to note, there has been packet loss and latency issues noted in the GTA since January, so, if you're in that area, that might be the explanation of your current problems.  Rogers has been doing "something" to their network since January and won't divulge any details, so, outside of the company, no one knows what the cause of the problems are.  Field techs obviously know that something is wrong but won't say anything and tech support and the moderators in the forum aren't commenting on the situation either.  The situation also affects TPIA customers as well. 


Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I'm Here A Lot
Hi there,

I recently just purchased the internet package that has the 1GB download and 30mb upload speed. I have a direct connection running from my Xbox to the modem. The speeds are very solid at about 200-600mpbs download and 20-30upload but I have been having a problem with latency. I was with bell before, sharing a 1GB up and down package and played off of wifi with 40-60ms latency. On a direct connection, it is known to have much lower latency. When I plug in to the modem directly, my latency is hovering between 70-80ms. I was hoping to get around 20-40ms latency as it’s important for things such as shot registration. I was wondering if I could have some assistance with this? It’s very important as I am a planning on competing in Halo 5 tournaments leading up to halo infinite’s release in the fall. I appreciate any feedback to resolve the issue as I have already portforwarded the Xbox as well.


Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Why would u switch to Rogers ? Bell is alot better when it comes to online gaming

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

From personal experience, Rogers is better for me. Not sure if location matters as I am located in Newfoundland. But I definitely have expirenced lower latency with Rogers than bell. So I’m just looking at what the issue could be.

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Wondering if anyone at @rogers can help me with this?

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Please see my message below with my situation. Thank you.

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Hello, @GriffyRose


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thanks so much for posting your concerns in the Community. I know how frustrating it can be to try to game online when there are Latency issues. This can definitely ruin the entire experience.


We'd like to do some advanced diagnostic tests on your equipment and in your area to see if we can detect where the issue is occurring so we can escalate this for you. Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can get started. If you're not familiar with our private messaging system, no worries Click Here.


We look forward to hearing from you!





Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I've Been Around

Hey guys,


had rogers for over a year now and my ping to any riot games specifically (league of legends and Valorant) is steadily increasing. started at a consistent low 20 ping to now sitting at over 40. Not sure why nothing has changed and my ping isnt even consistent. it goes up to above 40 then another game its in the high 20's. anyone have this issue? ive tried new routers and everything no Rogers Tech or Riot games tech has been able to help me.


edit: it is all via wired connection.

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I've Been Here Awhile

Hi guys!


I am having a connection issue with sc2, it always loses connection in the middle of the game, it often took 1 min to restore, but when it happens, it is likely that I will totally lose the connection eventually. I have this issue on both of my computers, it works fine when I apply the cellar data. Can you guys resolve this one? Thank you!

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Hello, @Titan68.


I appreciate joining this discussion; are you experiencing a similar issue with any other game besides SC2?


If we can have more details about your gaming setup and home network, it will help in figuring out the issue. Please answer the following:


  • Are you playing this game on a wired connection?
  • Any other games affected besides SC2?
  • When you lose the game connection, is your network still online?
  • Are you using your own router?


To get a better understanding of the connection lost, please run a ping and traceroute to your gaming server and provide us with the results. Please check out the knowledgebase article for assistance. 





Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I've Been Here Awhile

I tried both wired and wifi, but both have a bad connection.


Yes, I played a small game called "The escapists 2", I can't even use any voice chat app normally such as discord.


Yes, the most time, the game lost the connection but I can still watch the videos on Youtube.


No, I am using the router rent from Rogers.

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I've Been Around

I'm in the same boat, and have been for the past 4 years. My only other option is a 25mbps DSL line from bell, in the past I would pay for Rogers as well as my Bell connection for gaming, but in order to cut costs as of recently, I've discontinued the Bell connection, and my god is it frustrating to game on Rogers, think I might just bite the bullet and get a Bell connection hooked up for gaming. 

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I've Been Here Awhile
I am having the same issue which started happening about a week ago.
Our streaming (YouTube, Netflix etc) is unaffected but the micro disconnects are impacting my work VPN, teams calls and gaming. This has happened with every online game I play.
My desktop is directly connected through the Ethernet and it will cause 3-5 second disconnects every few minutes (increasing after 9pm it seems)

Thanks for your help!

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I've Been Around

As of recently, I have gone from getting 28 ping on Valorant (Illinois servers) to 50-80 ping with a lot of rubber banding. I am on the ignite gigabit package and my computer is plugged into the modem using a Cat6 cable. My speeds (especially upload) tend to be lower than expected (4-10mbps) depending on the time of day. During the past few days I have even been getting spikes up to 400ms.

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I've Been Here Awhile

I play mostly Warzone and Call of duty and hover between 35 to 39 ping occasionally hitting 31. been trying to look at ways to hit below 31 but no success 

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

As we continue working to make your gaming & streaming experience with Rogers the BEST it can be, we've locked this thread to further posts.  We're currently capturing customer issues in a new way!


If you're currently experiencing any issues with gaming or streaming; SEE THIS THREAD




Thanks for making the Community a pleasant place to be.