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Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hi Community,


Welcome to the official Rogers Online Gaming Feedback thread! We will use this thread as a central point to discuss anything related to your online gaming experience on the Rogers network.  Our @CommunityHelps team will be here to help as usual.


We also recommend all of our gamers to sign up for the Rogers WiFi Modem Firmware Trial. Feedback from the Community has resulted in great improvements to the overall internet experience, specifically with regards to ping and latency on the Rogers network. For details of this program, please see this thread.


To learn more about Rogers and online gaming, check out our gaming page at


Thank you for your continued feedback and support.


Game on!!

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Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Around 8:30Pm when I am lagging:

Evening Lag.png


10am no lag at all

Morning No Lag.png


Not sure what I'm looking for, any help is appreciated.

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

@pjstanislaw wrote:

Hi there,

I've been experiencing terrible lag when gaming. I've tried everything from swapping my modem to getting a VPN and I am still experiencing the same issues. I have the CODA 4582, software version : The lag is a lot more noticeable at peak times, I don't really notice it in the mornings. What can I do, this is driving me insane?




The issue is congestion on your Node. Since the lag increases during peak hours that tells me there is high usage on your Node, and it's causing your latency to increase. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do, Rogers does monitor the Node and *might* do some upgrades if things get really bad.


Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

My latency doesn't necessarily increase, but I notice these little micro stutter lags even when my ping is stable. But I can definitely tell that it's isolated from around 4pm and onward. I don't really know how things work on the outside so excuse my lack of understanding but surely there is something that can be done to improve this? 

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I've Been Around

Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum but need some advice on port forwarding. We are a family of gamers and have 2 ps3s and 2 ps4s in the home however I am not very tech inclined... We have been having issues playing WWII on ps4, we are not able to connect with any of our online friends and continually get an error saying we cannot connect to the host. The game requires UDP port 3074 to open the required port for an open NAT type in-game. It also states depending on your router, you may be able to enable UPnP port forwarding  or add your ps4 system to DMZ to get the NAT type to appear open in-game. I logged into my modem settings and UPnP is already enabled so I enabled DMZ and added my ps4s IP address. Unfortunately that resulted in a strict NAT type and I am afraid I made things even worse. I decided to try and open the port required and I am not able to make any new rules because the spaces are all full. This is where I need help, I have no idea from this point what I can disable and or remove to make room for a new rule that will allow this port to open. Please help!

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Some of the UPNP stuff that other things open (skype, etc) while they can help with those things running a little better, are not completely necessary.  You could turn UPNP off, and delete those ones out of the list.
Unfortunately, the wifi in these units are fairly basic in the routing/forwarding, etc setup wise.  And have a limited number of forwarding that can be done.

The other issue that you run into is..  Forwarding is generally done for ONE endpoint address.
So if something needs port XXXX, you open it up and point it to the one playstation.
Now the next one needs the same port.
Now your into a problem, as you already have any things on that port, already going to the OTHER playstation.

You could lower the firewall level overall, it may help somewhat.. but that does leave the overall firewall less secure.

Unfortunately there is NO good solution for this.. you look it up, and there are tons of people saying the same thing with no real solutions.... Bar having two internet connections.
(The only way i could MAYBE see you squeek this out.. would be put the modem in bridged mode.. and put in two separate 3rd party routers.  At least right now, it will dole out each a separate IP address.. and then can do forwarding separately on each.  NOTE: this is not really supported by rogers and could stop working at anytime)

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

@Cherrybomb_1986 are you looking to run all four playstations online at the same time?  


As @Gdkitty indicated, the problem here is that the vast majority of modems and routers are only designed (as in firmware design) to run one console.  The minute that you attempt to use the same ports for multiple consoles, you run into trouble.  The modem or router doesn't have the firmware necessary to keep track of which port and LAN address is used by which console, specifically where the same ports are in use by different consoles and LAN addresses.  It doesn't matter if the consoles are Playstations or XBox's or some combination of the two.  So you need a router that will support multiple consoles.  An Asus router running Merlin's Asuswrt comes to mind, but, I'll have to post a query in their forum for feedback on this.  I know that there have been changes in Merlin's Asuswrt to support multiple consoles, I don't know if there are any limits on the numbers of consoles that his firmware will support.  So, don't give up just yet 🙂

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

@Cherrybomb_1986 can you check your message inbox.  Log into the forum and use the avatar at the upper right hand corner as a link down to your profile.  You should see a number overlaying the avatar indicating that you have a message waiting.  Once in the Profile tab, follow the envelop link down to the inbox. 

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Just took my PC to a friend's house on my street who also has Rogers' and had the exact same lag when trying to game. How can I escalate this to have it properly looked at, something is wrong in my neighbourhood and Rogers needs to fix it?

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

It took them 2 years to fix a congested issues in my area which every night my speeds would drop. The only way I got it fixed was complaining to the ombudsman of Rogers and president which she took care of it. Very sad it took sooo long

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I've Been Here Awhile
I'm having jitter issues on every game that I play. My brother and I both notice it (2 different gaming computers). I notice ping jumps on some games and on CSGO my ping doesn't jump at all but I still lag. Others spectating notice it and when I'm shooting my gun bounces. They all point out that I'm lagging but if you hold tab to look at my ping its fine, or if I look at netgraph it's fine. However like I said on other games the ping shows as spiking up. This all messes up my hit registry on every game that I play I have disadvantages compared to other users. I've spent countless hours on trying to fix it on my own with no solution. Really frustrating pointless even trying to game with this issue as it makes you look like an A+ player washed up to a D-. Appreciate any new ideas as it can help me try to troubleshoot my problem.

What we've tried:
Changing modem
Tried on different computers.
Ethernet ( always used ethernet for gaming)
Changing internet speeds (150/15 to 1gbps/30)
Tested different games.
Reset internet also tried disconnecting every device except for one hardwired computer while playing.
Had a technician come in
Updated drivers

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I've Been Here Awhile

I guess my only next attempt is trying to change ISPS.

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I'm Here A Lot


I've recently started playing more network-sensitive games and, like many others on this thread, noticed latency-induced stuttering.

Some googling around lead me to believe that the issue might be hardware related, as I have a modem with a Intel Puma 6 Chipset.

More precisely:
Modem: CGN3 (no suffix)
HW Version: 1A
SW Version:

At this point, I was wondering if the best course of action was to contact rogers to get a Puma 7 modem, or get a third a party router and use my current modem in Gateway mode?

If the latter, what are the recommended router options?


Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

@MrPolytime, my current thoughts are to switch to the CODA-4582 which is a Puma 7 modem and use your own router.  I have to assume that you're not on a gigabit plan, but if you're on an unlimited plan, you would be eligible for the 4582.  In terms of routers, my choice would be the Asus RT-AC86U, which is a fairly new router, so, it will be supported for a few years down the road.  That has a 1.8 Ghz processor built in, which is probably the fastest processor that you're going to find these days in an off the shelf router, unless you buy or build a pc and load PfSense in order to run the pc as a router.  You would also need an additional ethernet card.  So, the 86U, which I have, isn't the most expensive you can buy, and its not the cheapest either.  The question is whether or not it will fit your budget.  That router can also be loaded with Merlin's Asuswrt, which provides enhancements and bug fixes to the stock Asuswrt firmware.


I don't have time at the moment, but, it you have other questions, I'm certainly willing to provide additional explanation later today or over the weekend 🙂 

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Thanks for the info @Datalink

I'm on the 150mbps unlimited plan, so that should make me eligible for the 4582. However, I'm wondering if I should be worried considering the CODA-4582 thread has 177 pages and seems to be causing a lot of people headaches.

Although I tend to know my tech, my networking knowledge is quite limited. Do you have any info or resources about the benefits of using a separate router? Budget is not an issue, but I'd like understand the exact benefits of using a high-end Asus router as a simple single-desktop user.


Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I Plan to Stick Around


On paper the CODA looks pretty decent, though I have not seen exact specs.  In reality, no matter how beefy it is, you have a lot of things going on vying for the attention of the ~2 cores (maybe 4?).  Having discreet networking components is a great way of ensuring that things do one thing as well as they can.


If I have the CODA in Gateway mode, I have a hard time reaching past 800 Mbps in any speed test. I put the CODA in bridge mode, and hook my R7800 up, and I can hit 900-940 essentially maxing it out. This is without activating any more advanced features like QoS. Personally, I am moving the R7800 in to an AP role and building my own x86 based router to run pfSense or LEDE. This is because I want the most advanced QoS/shaping and other features (adblock, intrusion detection) that I can.


As with anything, the spectrum of value/return for investment is quite personal, even if budget is not an issue.

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I've Been Around

Hi, I have the coda-4582 and I’m running into issues with my ping on some games on my ps4. I read that if you have 2 consoles plugged into the unit it favours one over the other so to speak? I have my pc, Xbox one x, and ps4 all hardwired to the coda. I’m just wondering if there’s any other fix for this currently (or coming soon) besides buying another modem.


thanks a lot!

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

@Stonecold I'm not sure where you heard that the modem will favor one device over the other, but, I wouldn't believe it unless one of the engineering staff indicated that to me personally and indicated that the info comes right from the code.  So, at the present time, I've never heard that statement. 


Now, what you might run into is the fact that the average modem or router isn't necessarily designed to use the same ports with multiple devices.  That's a definite issue, especially with two of the same devices, as in two Xboxes, or two PS3s or PS4s.  The same might be said where you have an Xbox and PS3/4 and both devices are attempting to use the same ports or port ranges at the same time.  


If that's the case, then, your only way out is to use each device separately, or, buy a router that will handle two or more devices at the same time without any problem.  You're not the only one that has run into this over the last week or two.  


Asus routers with Merlin's Asuswrt loaded comes to mind.  Merlin's Asuswrt is based on the stock Asus firmware, but includes enhancements that aren't found in the stock Asus firmware as well as bug fixes that are found by Merlin and the community of users who run his firmware.  


At the end of the day, it all comes down to the budget and how important it is to run multiple consoles at the same time. 

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I don’t know if it’s just me but this new t03 firmware causing higher pings ? Can I go back to 33-t3

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

@lethalsniper is the modem running in Gateway mode or Bridge mode with a router behind it?

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Gateway mode

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

@Datalink it’s on gateway mode like it was always with 33t3. What has changed from t3 -t03 ?