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Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Community Manager (Retired)

Hi Community,


Welcome to the official Rogers Online Gaming Feedback thread! We will use this thread as a central point to discuss anything related to your online gaming experience on the Rogers network.  Our @CommunityHelps team will be here to help as usual.


We also recommend all of our gamers to sign up for the Rogers WiFi Modem Firmware Trial. Feedback from the Community has resulted in great improvements to the overall internet experience, specifically with regards to ping and latency on the Rogers network. For details of this program, please see this thread.


To learn more about Rogers and online gaming, check out our gaming page at


Thank you for your continued feedback and support.


Game on!!

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Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

When playing nhl 17 on the Xbox one it doesn't matter which game mode we play , drop in games, eashl online 6v6 , all of friends on rogers internet all have issues like me lag spikess, sluggish game play , , delay with other friends on bell have no issues , I feel like rogers ,ea/ Microsoft are not great for gaming

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I Plan to Stick Around

Twitch seems to be behaving currently. I mostly Saw it during peek times. I'll post an example when I experience it


Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

Thanks for the info @Mythen @JohnBeaudin

I had the stream running for 1.5 hrs while working on some other stuff and it did not freeze up. I did take a look at web code to find the server the video stream was coming from and ran some traces there as well. Going to test some more in the evening.

@Mythen did you happen to run a speed test when it was working fine ? Can you also run one when you are having the issue? Let me know if you notice any change.

Also I see you mentioned the stream will freeze, but chat still works. Does the video stream come back on the first refresh when it freezes up ? What browsers are you guys using ?

Thanks !

Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I Plan to Stick Around




That's my speed test currently.  


Also I am using Chrome version 58. Its the latest version.  Also when Twitch freezes if I refresh the page it will come back or if I pause the stream and hit play again it will come back.  But when its really bad I have to this every 5 or 10 minutes



Re: Rogers Online Gaming Thread

I'm a Senior Contributor

My speedtest is the same as Mythen, with Moncton as the host as well!


Tried on IE,edge,chrome,firefox all latest version and I can recreate the issue on any browser.


I use a Killer Ethernet adapter with a Cat7 Cable.


PC specs


i7 5930K OC 3.4gh

16 GB DDR4 

256SSD+ 4TB

GTX 980


I have not streamed twitch for a few days thought, I will try again later today and see if the issue is present but it was pretty bad the last 4 weeks.