Rogers On Demand not working

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Re: Rogers On Demand not working

I haven't had ONDEMAND for 2 months now.  I have talked to countless Rogers CSR's, have had 2 technicians in my house and nothing.  No one at Rogers can figure out why my on demand states "I am unauthorized to watch this channel".  Have had my box changed, have talked to Customer Advocate, have a ticket #, have talked to supervisors etc.  For 2 months and still  NOTHING.  However, I am expected to continue paying my bill regardless of whether or not I am getting this services.  When they do find the issue and resolve it, they will kindly refund $22 for each month that my ROD wasn't working.  How's that for frustrating!!

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Resident Expert
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Re: Rogers On Demand not working

One thing i do remember 1-2 users have done to get things like this working before.. if it hasnt been tried already.

Have them REMOVE the TV service from your account, then re add it.  Viewed it as new i guess, so it it would start working.

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Re: Rogers On Demand not working

i read here that the problems i and it seems other people are having with the ROD has been going on since 2011??

My ROD will not come on even after i keep re booting, some time later maybe the next day there it is back.  Such a pain......The technicians could not tell me what could be the cause......but, i suspect it's Rogers fault.  The reason is not something i can speculate on but i just bet they know.

As far as ROD 100, yes i also get the movies commercials and cannot find any way to get away from those.

Seems like Rogers makes us pay then force us to watch commercials for the movies they are charging us (again) to watch.


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Re: Rogers On Demand not working

Down again. Pickering Ontario

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Re: Rogers On Demand not working

Watching a movie... pause restarts from the beginning. Couldn't FF or exit. Turned TV off and on. Started again.... fast forward to spot (which isn't very fast)... hit play and it jumped to the end. Tried 4 times and so frustrated we gave up and never saw the end. Pause has screwed up before. Thinking of changing services. This is basic stuff Rogers can't get right.

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Re: Rogers On Demand not working

I'm going on a month or so now without OnDemand.  It's so infuriating.  I was dealing with the Office of the President about it for the past couple of weeks and now I'm escalating the issue to the Ombudsman, since they're not offering me any resolution.  It's absolutely ridiculous that they can't figure this out!