Rogers New Price Matching Conditions

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Rogers New Price Matching Conditions

I just started looking into upgrading my phone. I am considering switching service providers. When my head was spinning from trying to figure out which phone and plan is best, I noticed the ad for Rogers pricematching for current customers on the Rogers website. I was beginning to rething the idea of jumping ship. Wait there are some condition that apply! Boy! is my head spinning now. The terms and coditions are so convoluted and ambiguous that I can't imagine anyone ever qualifying for price matching savings.

Has anyone out there out there in the real world actually been able to get a price matched by Rogers? If so, could you share your situation?


Rogers! Clean up the language and cut out the rediculous terms and conditions! If yo uare going to give your faithful customers a deal then do it! Don't promise the world and then make us jump through hoops. We are NOT circus animals! We are customers that spread our good experiences to our friends. It's high time you acknowledged that!


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Re: Rogers New Price Matching Conditions

Just curious what part you dont understand on it?

Looked through the terms and conditions myself.. and while there are quite a number, nothing seems out of place to me.

THough, i used to work retail, and was used to doing price matches as well.  There usualy ARE stipulations that the other sellers sale has to match the same terms, etc as you were buying it from the other store.


IE: from what i read of the stuff there.. say TELUS has the HTC ONE for $50 less than rogers, on a 3 year term, advertised on their site, etc..  you should be able to get that same $50 less, on a 3 year term with rogers.

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Re: Rogers New Price Matching Conditions

Hello Quantum_K-12

Yes many are actually getting the price match. The conditions are pretty simple. Here they are

Available to existing Rogers wireless customers only (excluding corporate customers) with hardware upgrade on a 2 or 3-yr Rogers’ plan (existing customers wishing to activate a new line not eligible for match).

Price match will only be applied if competitor’s nationally advertised price is on “like” terms – must be the same device model, in the same colour, on the same 2 or 3-yr term (no term, month to month and 1-yr pricing not eligible for match).

Competitor’s offer must be advertised nationally on television, radio, print and/or the internet (local dealer pricing and regional retailer pricing not eligible for match).

In the end, the other carrier must offer the same exact phone as Rogers does in order to get the price match. Like GDkitty said, IF Telus offers the HTC One for lets say $50 & Rogers has it for $100 & they both are the same color & 1-2-3 year terms, then Rogers should give it to you BUT they have to see it on the Telus site, or promotion to do it.

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