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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers Network Status page

I just found this:


Not official rogers obviously, but still helpful.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Rogers Network Status page

Interesting.. wonder how it actually PULLS that data..
From all that i can see.. its pulling just from people posting on social media about problems ? (maybe catching keywords).

A good rough guage i guess.. but could tend to full alot of FALSE POSITIVES i would think.

Thanks for the link though, im going to try and look into it more 🙂


EDIT: Did look a little more.. seems like it primarily reports it from twitter.. and some FB.


My worry with a site like that.. HOPEFULLY has the diagnostics to parse the data correctly..
otherwise someone says
"My internet is out in Kitchener"
which someone else replies to with

"My internet is ALWASY out in oakville! boo rogers" 


At that exact time, the reply persons internet may not be OUT.. but would that site, report it as out, due to the keywords, etc that was picked up?



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Re: Rogers Network Status page

Have you seen that Rogers have a wireless network status / outage checker called NetworkAid ?


It lets you find out whether there are any known issues with your wireless service. You can even report an issue and get updated by text / email when things get fixed.