Rogers Network Downtime Unacceptable

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Re: Rogers Network Downtime Unacceptable




Please stop ignoring what we are saying.... you are simply offering the same response we get when ever we call in to Rogers support.  How about something new?  How about something like.... Wow, everyone here has the SAME problem, and everyone here has already called in to Rogers to escalate their problem with no results - maybe I could escalate this and have it looked at?


I called in yesterday again just as you have asked (and as everyone else on this thread has done) and wasted 30 minutes on hold, and then turning my phone on and off as that is the best Rogers support could offer as a solution.


Perhaps Rogers should realize that I don't pay $$$ every month to sit on the phone with ROGERS, nor should I have to complain until my face is blue to fix something that is a problem shared with several others.


Truth is that this is a matter of getting to the right level of support who is most likely already aware of this issue but are hidden from us by front line support who keep saying "call and report your issue" or "restart your phone".