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Rogers NB DVR Guide Info Incorrect

I'm Here A Lot

The show info on my DVR Guide has been incorrect/scrambled for about a week now. Eg, the info for one show is actually the info for another show from the hour before, two hours later, two channels up, whatever. Sometimes it's right, mostly it's wrong. I tried wading through the tech support phone number to talk to someone in Ontario but their only solution is to send a tech to the house. It seems more likely to me that the source provider for the guide data has messed it all up. I haven't been a fan of those people for the last couple of years ever since they turned into amateur critics instead of just providing a synopsis and there have been guide failures of various kinds before that have lasted a couple of weeks.


Anyone else experiencing something like this? It might get sorted out eventually but then again it might not. 



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Re: Rogers NB DVR Guide Info Incorrect

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Assuming you have done a manual reboot?

Re: Rogers NB DVR Guide Info Incorrect

A couple of times over the last week, just to see if it would attempt to reload the guide data or correct the problem. Still seems like a problem at the source to me. It's not the first time a problem has occurred that lasted a few weeks and eventually got straightened out by whoever controls the guide data. 


The higher level guide synopsis is correct but when I click Info the detailed data belongs to different shows most of the time. On Sunday it was mostly correct but today, Monday, it's a mess again. 

Re: Rogers NB DVR Guide Info Incorrect

Checked mine on like 20 channels last night.. and mine appeared correct.


Wondering if its a communication issue with your box to the head end.. not grabing/updating properly.



Now that i am re-reading your title.. it says NB.. so your east coast, with the moterola boxes?

Could be why im different.. in ontario 😛

Re: Rogers NB DVR Guide Info Incorrect

Thanks for checking on your guide 🙂 In my experience, all the ads, tech info, hardware etc from Rogers online or broadcast are Ontario based. The fact that different / older hardware is in use in NB means it's harder to get any local support. NB is lagging substantially in terms of HD content and DVR hardware.


Maybe it is my DVR. Based on Guide failures in the past that took some time to be sorted out (eg No Data) it still seems like a source issue to me but if the problem doesn't get sorted out in the next couple of weeks I might have to break down and try to get more local tech support. No one else from NB posted so I'll just wait and see a while longer.