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Rogers Monthly Cap

So basically I just read that the maximum charge for going over the bandwidth limit is $50 as of now, so does that mean that say we have the Rogers Extreme Plus, "$1.25/GB" if we go over 40gb, ($50) and if we were to go over even more ex/ we went over 100gb, the charge will still be $50? srry if its confusing idk how to word it.


TY for ur help 



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Re: Rogers Monthly Cap



if I understand what you say correctly, you would pay nothing extra over and above your basic monthly charges if you used 40 GB or less in a month.


If you go over 40 GB in a month, you would pay $1.25 per GB of bandwidth usage extra, in addition to your basic monthly charges, up to a maximum of $50.


Once you reach that monthly maximum extra usage-based billing, you would not be billed extra regardless of how large your data usage volume became in that month.


Assuming that you and I have stated it correctly, it would be great if someone from Rogers could provide the official Rogers interpretation of the Terms & Conditions on this matter.




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Re: Rogers Monthly Cap

@skinorth You didn't understand the OP correctly. What @Resistencex3 was trying to say is that if he's on extreme plus (which allowes 150GB now) and goes over by more that 40GB, would he only be billed $50?

The answer is YES. Rogers can only bill you for a maximum of $50 no matter how much over you go. For example: you're on express (with 60GB) and you go over by 400GB, then they will still only bill you $50 because that's as much as they can. Cool? Cool.
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Re: Rogers Monthly Cap

What happens if I have a business plan that allows me 3 GB of data and I go over by 7 GB. I have not been able to find out what I will be charged on my next invoice. Also does the $50 limit apply to anyone, including me with a business account? I watched two videos and then I noticed that I used up seven extra gigabytes which seems extreme for the amount of time I was watching the videos. Rogers used to send a text message when a customer gets close to their maximum allowable gigabytes but that does not seem to happen anymore.
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Re: Rogers Monthly Cap

I am assuming your talking cellular data? And not regular land line Internet?

There are no more texts for the usage anymore, but there is a cutoff at $100 of over usage. (This is generally to prevent the stories you hear of some kid using the phone and wracking up $5000 bill)
But that is generally for personal accounts, business MAY be different.

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