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Rogers Modem NAT problems / gaming ?

I'm Here A Lot

Dear Rogers Community Members,


I have tried many modem option with different speed upgrades to eliminate my ongoing issues with Rogers Internet connection lags during playing games. As far as i know Rogers  well known for LAGS in gaming.  I dont believe the equipment Rogers using is  supported for GAMING. Two reason listed below :


1) Strict/Modarate NAT issues that CGN2,3 cannot know how to deal with


2) Package lost / unreliable connection down time


My Concerns and question as a customer :


I have called 4 techician/ticket in last 9 months. Their knowledge are very limited. They dont know what NAT is or how does effect the communication between device vs modem. All 4 techinician just change the cable and said your "SIGNAL Level too high" changed the adapter. Nothing worked! i have explained to them this is related to your "eqipment" / network restrictions. They said you have to figure out on your own.


1) why would i go this trouble as a customer to do MANUAL setup for port forwarding ? Nat settings all.


2) Why USA ISP's doesnt have this issues ? or the person connect from europe ?


3) Why are your selling "furbished" "fullish" products to customer ?


4) Why dont you train your staff so they could understand how to resolve or create a solution for any of these issues via phone or in person.  Changing cables , creating tickets useless when you all know where the main problem is.


I am truely tired last 7 years using rogers , each time similiar issues. Gaming is number 1 issue because of NAT - modarate or strict. Also the gateway products they intro as a modem are not capble of reading or distributing proper network signal. 



If i have to rate rogers on a scale 1-10 , 1 being the worse. I would rate "0". Thats how much I hate to deal with Rogers. 


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Re: Rogers Modem NAT problems / gaming ?

Hello... So i am having issues with playing Destiny 2. Latley when i load into social spaces, i dont see other ppl there. Matchmaking never works as I can't matchmake with anyone. My NAT type is currently moderate. I'm looking to make my NAT type open. How can I go doing that? Thanks for the help 

Re: Rogers Modem NAT problems / gaming ?

I've Been Around

Hello, I am having trouble with getting a NAT Type Open on my PS3. I am using a wireless connection. I have set up a static IP on my PS3 and have forwarded the ports from what Sony has on their website but my games (Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Call Of Duty: MW3) are still showing NAT Type Moderate. I want to be able to play with my friends online.


Re: Rogers Modem NAT problems / gaming ?

I've Been Here Awhile

Why does it always come down to the user to sort out these issues? What are we all paying hundreds of dollars for a year in service if we're not getting service? Rogers touts the fastest for streaming and gaming but I am experiencing wifi range limitations inside my 600ft2 apartment and am constantly being dropped out of online games while connected with an ethernet cable.

We as consumers shouldn't have to dive this deep into troubleshooting or need to know about different ISP protocols or "program" something that should just WORK.

Reading through the threads here has opened my eyes to what Rogers is truly about. Raking in the cash and offering little to no REAL help when it comes to something simple as kicking NAT and making their service work properly with game servers demanding a UPnP connection!

Re: Rogers Modem NAT problems / gaming ?

Couldn’t say it any better .. if u can get bell go for it .. Rogers is not build for gaming

Re: Rogers Modem NAT problems / gaming ?

How do I find upnp status ?

Re: Rogers Modem NAT problems / gaming ?

Hey @jamesriver!


Welcome to the community!


All of our modem's come with UPnP enabled by default. Unless changes have been made or you're utilizing your own router with it disabled, UPnP will be enabled :).


Where to check depends on the gateway or router you're using, though it's typically within the advanced settings. On the XB6 gateway you'll locate it on the Advanced-> Device Discovery page within the GUI.


Let us know if you have any further questions!



Re: Rogers Modem NAT problems / gaming ?

I've Been Here Awhile

Ok, I know there's been a ton of posts on the issue with StrictNAT vs. UPnP/OpenNAT/ModreateNAT but literally no step by step help from @Rogers_D (sorry not trying to pick on you) to alter the modem's default setting.


I am getting very tired of having my connection kicked from Bungie's servers only to be inundated with ERROR CODES that the "FASTEST" internet in the region is causing network problems... and isn't really that fast.

I (and I am guessing one out of a couple a hundred thousand other people who took the time to post their issues) am looking for some real help on how to properly change the NAT setting on my router without having to spend even more money on additional equipment.


Set up a step by step guide to help users change their NAT settings, PLEASE!!!


Re: Rogers Modem NAT problems / gaming ?

Hey @gkvincent!


Though Rogers doesn't provide support directly for NAT based issues as it does require port forwarding I'd be happy to provide you with some information that could be of help in resolving your concern. Your NAT Type is determined based on your connection to the applicable server, so this may vary for different games but with UPnP enabled it should consistently be at moderate. In any circumstance where it isn't you can forward the necessary ports manually.


You can read about port forwarding with our modems on our website here
Should you require a step by step guide for it then you can check out for a comprehensive guide. For the ports required though you would need to reach out to the support for the game you're experiencing issues with, they can provide all necessary ports, though you may be able to identify them from a quick google search I would recommend validating the necessary ports with their support first.


As for the occurrence of NAT Type Strict with Bungie, it's not something I've come across personally (XB6T modem), but it is something I will keep an eye on within the forums and can ensure that feedback is provided to our product team as needed. 


Thank you for bringing this to our attention and if there's anything else you need assistance with regarding your home network this community is a wonderful place to share it!



Re: Rogers Modem NAT problems / gaming ?

I'm Here A Lot

The last few days I noticed the internet was really slow. Today I ran speed tests with my router on and connected to my modem directly and I'm getting less than 50 Mbps when I was getting over 300 Mbps before,


I was wondering if anyone in Mississauga is having this issue.  Also noticed that my nat type when from open to moderate when playing Call of Duty games. I didn't change a thing and haven't moved the modem.

Re: Rogers Modem NAT problems / gaming ?

Hey @MasterC!


I hope your internet service speed has returned to normal, if you're still experiencing any issues definitely reach out to support at your convenience.


Regarding the NAT type issue you're experiencing check out my post above for info that can help resolve that.



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