Rogers Mobile Wallet/Pre Paid Credit Card question

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Rogers Mobile Wallet/Pre Paid Credit Card question

So from what i get is that in order to use this you actually need a Credit card . its not something you can add money to or use $50 then pay it back on your Phone bill. i have Paypal which i use for sites that except Paypal but  haveing a Pre paid CC would be nice for sites like Amazon that dont accept PP.

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Re: Rogers Mobile Wallet/Pre Paid Credit Card question

Hello sonyboyj

That is correct. You will need a CIBC account / Suretap NFC sim card from Rogers. Read below and see the link

What is suretap?

Our suretap service turns your wireless smartphone into a mobile wallet.  Instead of fumbling for cash, quickly pay for small purchases, up to $50 at the coffee shop or grocery store via your compatible Rogers device. It’s already accepted at tens of thousands of merchants; just look for the contactless logo. Be one of the first in Canada to use this exciting service! See suretap in action!