Rogers Mobile (My Rogers) App: Can it get any worse?

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Rogers Mobile (My Rogers) App: Can it get any worse?

I recently was forced to update my app on iOS because the old app was no longer supported. The old app was fine. I could get in and out quite quickly. I could see my usage very efficiently and expeditiously as well,


Now that I have tne new app installed, on average it takes over a minute to access my account. On rare occasion, it's faster than that. The twitter team deny any issue whatsoever. Yet the negative reviews and feedback left on the iTunes and Google Play store say a completely different story. Talk about major denial. Furthermore, wonderful Rogers in their wisdom made it very cumbersome and difficult to get quick information to your account details like data, SMS, and voice use. 


The app is counter intuitive and horribly inefficient. Rogers denies any issue whatsoever. How can one have faith and trust a company such as Rogers when they can't even acknowledge something so basic, so minor but frustrating and annoying to the user, nonetheless. 


Come on Rogers. We're in Canada, not in Russia. I expect more from you, your customers expect more too. You're failing us in many areas. What's it going to take for you to listen to what we're saying and to admit their are issues instead of trying to cover them up?



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Re: Rogers Mobile (My Rogers) App: Can it get any worse?

Hi @Hmm 


I can definitely understand your frustration especially if the app isn’t working as it should.


Have you tried deleting the app and downloading it again?


Let us know if that helps and if we can further assist!



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Re: Rogers Mobile (My Rogers) App: Can it get any worse?



Haven't tried it in ages, but I signed in to My Rogers today on my iPhone 4S with iOS 8.1.3 over Wi-Fi. Everything worked fine and it didn't take more than 15-20 seconds to load everything. According to iTunes, my version number is 3.5.1.