Rogers Lan/Ethernet/Modem issues

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Rogers Lan/Ethernet/Modem issues

I recently moved my desktop computer from my basement where it was wired to the modem/router and brought the system into a bedroom.  I connected everything, my 2 laptops and iPhones connect through the wiFi however the desktop is not picking up the connection.  The wifi light is on, all lights blink on the modem, but the LAN light is not lit based on the port where the ethernet is plugged in to.  The light on the back of my desktop where the network card is DOES light up.  However, no connection.


Any advice?

Thank you



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Re: Rogers Lan/Ethernet/Modem issues

Sorry, little confused.


All other devices are on wifi.

Desktop WAS wired in when near the modem/router.


Now that it has been moved UPSTAIRS, its still wired in? you have run a longer cable from the basement to the upstairs for it?

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Re: Rogers Lan/Ethernet/Modem issues

It sounds like you're trying to get your computer connected to Wi-Fi. If so, you obviously need a Wi-Fi device of some kind, either onboard Wi-Fi in your computer or something like a USB adapter. Make sure that your device, whatever it is, is enabled properly by looking in the Device Manager in Control Panel. I'm assuming you're using Windows here, although you don't say so.