Rogers LTE Band's (App)

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Rogers LTE Band's (App)

Hello all, I'm the application developer for LTE Discovery and was hoping to map Rogers LTE bands for my application.  If anyone would be willing to help then I would greatly appreciate it.  I'm looking for rooted Nexus 5 users because I know those devices will be able to access the device's hidden engineering screen using this application: Nexus 5 Field Test (Then going to Field Test > LTE Engineering).  However, if you're on Rogers and are able to access the hidden engineering screen on another phone I'd appreciate your help as well.

Basically I just need a screenshot of this screen which shows band info (see attached).


And then a screenshot of my application which shows the GCI (see attached).

The goal is to be able to allow Rogers users to see if they are on band 4, 7, or 13 at a glance.  Currently I have been able to map all the major U.S. carriers (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile) and am currently working with users to map Chinese Telecom and Chinese Mobile.  Would like to get the rest of the North American carriers mapped as well!

Thanks guys!



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Re: Rogers LTE Band's (App)

You're probably best to try the Rogers Frequencies thread here: