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Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

I Plan to Stick Around

We have all seen the Ads by Rogers that it has has the fastest Internet. What the public doesn't know is for customers the service is a nightmare. The last 12 months have been particularly bad, with dropped connections. On top of that it now has become a night to connect too Technical support with so many options; Press 1, press 2, press  4, and sub menus, Press 1, Press 2, Press 3. Technical support has taken a nose dive. Many of the operators haven’t a clue what they are doing. I actually believe some of them don’t own a computer.


If you’re a senior citizen as I am, your treat as a child,  asking you to repeat things over and over again.


Instead of making me wait 45 minutes for help as you did last night (Wed Jan 22, 2014 in Toronto area) between 6 pm and 10 pm. Instead have a small service announcement that service will be coming back online in 45 minutes or an hour.  So I can go and read a book or watch TV.


Why is Rogers afraid to admit they have technical problems and can’t give customers full service for a certain period of time? A few years ago, Rogers did this.


 Tech person, goes through a myriad of hoops if he/she doesn’t know anything , to get service back online,  asking a zillion questions. If he/ or she knows what they are doing they reset the modem, which fixes the problem.


I have also found over the years no matter the quality of a store bought router. Rogers send a signal though once a year to disrupt it.  Suggesting you rent or buy their router, although not directly.


If Rogers can say they have the fastest Internet speeds. Rogers should be able to say publicly.  We have 99.9% fewer dropped connections than our closest competitor.


Will I go with another ISP, I'm looking....



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Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

I Plan to Stick Around

To conclude (Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.)


Tech person, goes through a myriad of hoops if he/ . the modem, which fixes the problem.I have also found over the years no matter the quality of a store bought router. Rogers send a signal though once a year to disrupt it.  Suggesting you rent or buy their router, although not directly. If Rogers can say they have the fastest Internet speeds. Rogers should be able to say publicly.  We have 99.9% fewer dropped connections than our closest competitor.

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.Part 1 of 2

I Plan to Stick Around

I agree, that there are certain aspects of Rogers' technical support procedures that leave much to be desired, but I don't think that it started all-of-a-sudden in 2014. Over the years, they've constantly felt the need to revamp and revise their phone menus. I understand that some people may find this frustrating, but ultimately it does help weed out the possible very quick fixes that make up a substantial percentage of their calls in a day.


When talking to operators, I've always noticed that there is a huge disparity between good tech support reps and lousy ones. The good ones, if you get one, actually take ownership of the problem and try and help you. They seem genuinly concerned and understand your frustration. They take the time to really understand the problem, and make it a point to follow up with you. The lousy reps don't really care too much, and it seems like the only thing they want to do for you is transfer you to the next department, or try and convince you that there is no problem. When I get one of these people, I usually just hang up and call again, as ultimately my time is the time that is being wasted. They HAVE to be there, and it's obvious in many cases, they don't want to.


To address your accusation that Rogers sends a signal through once a year to disrupt your Internet. Do you have any documented evidence of this? I have never experienced it, and I do not know anyone of my colleagues who has Rogers that has experienced or explicity seen this in action. Please understand that Rogers is always upgrading their infrastructure. As evidenced over the last 5 years, my level of internet service has gone from 50/1 to 75/2, to 120/3, 150/10 and 250/20. This is extremely fast growth for any network, not to mention a network that is distributed across a LARGE geographical area. To make these drastic increase in speeds a reality, there are a lot compoents between your house and Rogers' side to upgrade.


So, over the years; yes, there have been outtages, and yes, I have had to upgrade my modems in the past; but a lot of it has to do with just keeping up with speeds; infrastructure upgrades. I highly doubt their intent is in any way malicious though.





Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

This is not saying you dont have bad internet... i 110% beleive that you do, etc.

But its not always global.  Where i am, the ONLY service disruptions i have had on my internet, were the DNS issues early last year (easily resolved by switching DNS servers perminantly).  Other than that.. where i am, have not had an outage in well over a year.. and always faster than promised services (well, speed boost, etc).
But... every area is different. 


I do agree 200% on your tech support assement though.  Especially comming from myself (being in the IT field and dealing with networking on a daily bassis).. MANY (more like most) are about as trained as my mother who still cant set a VCR... its very hard to get through to them that "hey i know more than you.. ITS NOT ANY OF THOSE PROBLEMS its SOMETHING ELSE".
Their support is a MAJOR thing that needs to go under review.

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

On a side note..

While most people that hate rogers internet.. are not LIKELY to get the rogers home security..
But i have found, its the BEST thing for getting internet support 😛

When/if i was to call in about anything internet related.. i get pushed over to the home monitoring tech support.  Why?  The regular internet guys, dont have the training for the conectivity to the security system, etc.

I have found that 90% of the home security tech support guys, are ALOT better/knoledgable than the regular internet ones.

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

I'm a Reliable Contributor
Most companies don't like to pay for training. These CSRs are probably reading from prepared scripts. "If this happens, try this, etc." Likely poorly paid temporary employees who were asking if you wanted fries with that last month.

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

I Plan to Stick Around

I agree. It seems every month they add in another line to the operator. If I remember correctly I had to press 2 twice to get to technical support. Now I have to go through a zillion options which I found make no difference. The operator asks if you are wired/wireless I picked wired connection when I get on the phone with the rep they ask me the same question that the operator asked... Then you have to put up with their garbage when put on hold/wait about how they have the #1 fastest speeds on loop which drives you nuts. Speeds don't mean much if they aren't consistent and stable.

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

I Plan to Stick Around

Yes I concur. If you dialed the wrong department and ask to be transered to techinal support. The person makes you answer name, address, age, etc befrore transfering the call. One day I said No. The operator refused to transfer me to Internet Tech support and hungup,  another asked my age over and over.  I called Customer Care and complained....What a rude pinhead.


Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

Yup, this is about the level I have come to expect from Rogers. We have a Cable box dangling from a Poll, but because of the trees around it, it is a health and safty issue to get to to repair, so, it remains, and thus my signal is so poor as to be un watchable, and as for internet, I have to use my rogers phone.

Will it be repaired, not this side of . freezing over, but apparently this isn't a problem.

I bet Rogers has taken lessons from BT in the UK as to how to deal with customers.

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Have you ever had anyone out to check signal levels at the house? replace cables, splitters, a power boster if needed?

Not trying to make escuses for them... but i have like a 99% perfect signal here (had them out a few times to get it that way), and have zero issues with On demand, internet, etc.. its always up, unless a MAJOR back end outage.


Many times, things like you describe, can be a signal related issue.


There ARE many 3rd party providers by the way, which can service the areas that rogers does.
Just be aware.. these 3rd party ones, always use rogers or bell lines (they own the infrastructure), so if there is any sort of signal or similar issue going on, the problems can persist through to the other companies.

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

I Plan to Stick Around
Let me know if you find a better ISP. I'm looking too. My blood pressure needs a break from Rogers. lol.

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

Who you are, age, your usage, or your environment (pets, etc) can really have NOTHING to do with it.  (sure unless say the cat chewed the cable out of the wall to the box).


Copper lines, phone or coax.. are  not indistructable.  They will degrade over time.   Especially if you are in a possibly older house this can be a bigger issue.

Voltage spikes on the line, or just degredation as a whole, can happen to fry splitters, etc.


Things happen, and MOST of the time, with users not doing anything at all to cause it.


Getting rogers to send a tech out.. costs nothing, and they can do the tests, and replace as needed.
Often something as simple as replacing a simple splitter, can fix issues with many different things.
It is worth getting them out, to take a look.


As i said.. changing providers.. if the LINES are bad.. will cause issues with ANY provider you chose which is carried on those lines.


There are many other providers.. all which are good providers.  Take a look around and you can find info on most of them.
(unfortunately this is not the place to talk about them)

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

I'm a Reliable Contributor

I replied to this and another post to concur with the original post and to say that I've had a problem with Internet speeds and coonections over last month - 150mbs package with consistent d/l speeds UNDER 20mbs.

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

I've Been Here Awhile

So I will agree that Rogers service has been lacking over the past year, and calling their customer service makes me want to break my phone, I always end up in the wrong department no matter what I press, but I also must admit that if you get the right person, they will help you out, though they seem to be few and far between.  As for the long wait times, I see a lot of people mention it, and I usually call around 5-6 pm, and will sometimes use their call back service.


As for switching providers, thats kinda funny, as they pretty much all have similar issues.  I use to be with Bell, and quit after the distance from my home to their network center increased somehow, so my connection was below par.  If you read the forums on dslforums, which I was doing quite a bit this week, you'll see a myriad of complaints about just about every provider out there.


So unfortunately, for better or worse, haggle with Rogers and get a good deal on your plan, as the field is currently thin for good ISP providers.  If you lag with rogers, you'll lag with TekSavvy, Acanac, and whoever else you go with if you take the cable internet, as they're all using Rogers local nodes.  If you go to Bell or anyone using their phone line, good luck with that, their sales department sucks more than Rogers customer service, I had to explain what FTTN means to one of them while inquiring on their packages, all they know to tell you is that they offer dedicated lines, lol.


I called in a few days ago, got told nothing I liked, so I called back today and got someone good, and now I'm good again.  I think their cable and internet has lost ground to competitors, so maybe now's the time to get the sweet deal you want, especially with the new internet packages and prices.  Maybe for some its to much, but a 150Mb connection for $85 is crazy, either someone senior is losing it, or its a "WOW" factor to bring in new customers, either way, take it while you can.

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

Rogers net plans.. other than the USAGE part... have started to become REALLY competitive now.


Comparing to some 3rd party (who even have the new plan speeds available) are only $2-3 more.

Some things, like say the 150 package.. even paying to add unlimited = $110.. is HALF of what some of the others are offering for that speed (in the $200's or close).


Now.. only if the USAGE part was a little more competitive...
Sure..if you have the other services (tv,phone, etc) the free addional usage, usually compensates for it.. but not everyone wants those now a days..   straight out comparing, the usage is still LOW 😞

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

I'm a Trusted Contributor
There is no point thinking that a particular internet package price is crazy. Unfortunately we have to go with whatever is currently on the market. Rogers recently significantly increased the value of their packages. If we look just at the quality of internet they provide (we are not even talking about customer service), than Rogers, IMHO is pretty good. I have been a Rogers customer for 11 years. For that period I just had one major outage which lasted no more than 3 hours. So reliability is pretty good. Download speeds always exceed the package value. The price... yes, it is expensive. especially for someone like me who is from Russia and could have got a 50/10 package in Russia for $17/month (all market packages in Russia are unlimited). Dedicated fibre to your home is about $50.....

For someone who relies on the Internet Every day TPIA is not an option as if anything major happens repair will take forever. I currently pay $82 for 60/10/U package and pretty happy with the service however I wish the price would be a bit lower...

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

I've Been Around

I just got the new plan with Rogers ( Hybrid 250mbs/s) which they promise I could get speed up to 70mbps, unfortunately it can't, it just go around 25 and keep dropping at 5pm till 9pm... I switch from other Rogers internet plans ( 150mbs) because they said it could fix my internet problem but it doesn't . Rogers send out techs but he coudn't do anything, he promised me for some higher level tech would not have to enter my house and could fix my internet by standing outside at 2AM, after a month nothing change . I'm 100% dissapointed with Rogers right now, but I don't know if Bell will be a better choice or not, internet in Canada is is so crazy ( I'm an immigration ) and as well as the way Rogers take money out from my pocket 

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

If you can provide further info, we can probably help out, or at least point you in the right direction so that your service improves.  I'm assuming here that you have a CGN3 modem/router in your house.  Can you provide:


1.  an overview or basic description of your network, including all devices that you connect via wired and wireless, and for the wired connections, whether they are through a Cat 5e / Cat 6 patch cable or whether any house ethernet wiring is used.  Please provide specific model numbers for connected equipment.


2.  describe where the CGN3 is located, how it receives its cable feed, for example, is the CGN3 in the basement near the cable entrance, or is it connected via house RG6(?) to the wall plate upstairs, and then via short RG6 cable into the CGN3.


3.  log into the CGN3 and from the Docsis WAN Page, copy and paste into this thread the table that shows the channels and their data.  Please include the downstream and upstream data.


4.  Indicate if you have more services other than internet, ie, phone and tv.


Please have a read through the thread shown below and see if it has any relevance to your present situation, that is to say, the possiblity of a 10/100 Mb/s device that might be connected to your CGN3 causing the data throughput to throttle down due to a firmware bug in the CGN3.


With that information, maybe, we, as a group can assist.  🙂


Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

Here is an example of my downstream and upstream data, crunched so that it fits in the thread.


Port  Frequency Modulation   Signal      Signal   Channel
ID     (MHz)                             strength   noise     ID                   
                                               (dBmV)    ratio

1     645000000      256QAM      1.5       37.636    105
2     591000000      256QAM      2.1       38.605      97
3     597000000      256QAM      2.4       38.605      98
4     603000000      256QAM      1.7       37.636      99
5     609000000      256QAM      1.1       38.605    100
6     615000000      256QAM      0.9       37.636    101
7     621000000      256QAM      1          37.356    102
8     633000000      256QAM      1.6       37.356    103
9     639000000      256QAM      1.7       37.636    104
10    651000000      256QAM      1.1       37.636   106
11    657000000      256QAM      0.8       37.636   107
12    663000000      256QAM      1.1       37.636   108
13    669000000      256QAM      1.3       37.636   109
14    675000000      256QAM      1.8       37.356   110
15    681000000      256QAM      1.8       37.636   111
16    687000000      256QAM      1.5       37.356   112
17    693000000      256QAM      0.9       37.356   113
18    699000000      256QAM      0.5       36.61     114
19    705000000      256QAM      0.2       36.61     115
20    711000000      256QAM      0.7       37.356   116
Port Frequency     BandWidth   Modulation     Signal       Channel
ID     (MHz)                Type                               Strength   ID

1     23700000    6400000        ATDMA             37              7
2     30596000    6400000        ATDMA             37              6
3     38596000    3200000        ATDMA             40              5


Note that your target signal strength on the downstream should be 0 dBmV with a signal to noise ratio in the high 30s to 40.  The upstream signal strength should also be in the high 30s to 40.

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

I Plan to Stick Around
Downstream Overview
Port ID Frequency (MHz) Modulation Signal strength (dBmV) Signal noise ratio (dB) Channel ID
1 621000000 256QAM 1.100 36.387 6
2 591000000 256QAM 1.500 36.610 1
3 597000000 256QAM 1.400 35.595 2
4 603000000 256QAM 1.100 36.387 3
5 609000000 256QAM 1.000 35.780 4
6 615000000 256QAM 0.900 35.595 5
7 633000000 256QAM 0.800 36.387 7
8 639000000 256QAM 1.000 35.084 8
9 645000000 256QAM 0.900 35.780 9
10 651000000 256QAM 1.000 35.780 10
11 657000000 256QAM 0.900 34.346 11
12 663000000 256QAM 1.000 36.387 12
13 669000000 256QAM 1.100 34.926 13
14 675000000 256QAM 1.300 35.595 14
15 681000000 256QAM 1.500 34.926 15
16 687000000 256QAM 1.800 34.926 16
17 693000000 256QAM 2.300 35.780 17
18 699000000 256QAM 2.500 34.346 18
19 705000000 256QAM 2.600 36.387 19
20 711000000 256QAM 2.400 33.957 20
Upstream Overview
Port ID Frequency (MHz) BandWidth Modulation Type Signal Strength (dBmV) Channel ID
1 30596000 6400000 ATDMA 43.750 6
2 23700000 6400000 ATDMA 45.250 7
3 38596000 3200000 ATDMA 45.250 5

Re: Rogers Internet Service sucks in 2014.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert


All in all.. thats a PRETTY good listing for the signals/channel


The ONLY ones that are a little high, are the last few channels... i would guess, only having some interfearance or issues in that frequency range then, as the others look clean.


Being a 24 channel.. that shouldnt effect much, unless you were pushing the capabailies of your package to the MAX..


Is there a specific issue your having?

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