Rogers Install, A JOKE

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Rogers Install, A JOKE


I just got the new plan with Rogers (Hybrid Fibre 60) which they promise I could get speed up to 60mbps to download and upload up to 10 Mbps, unfortunately they can't get it installed today. I was told that the install date would be: “07/30/14 10:00 -12:00” as it is written on the invoice, however I did not ask if it would be 10 AM or 10 PM.

I’ve stayed wasting my time from 10 AM to 11:58 AM waiting for the technician at home and cancelling some meetings, when I decided to call Rogers 1-855-381-7834. They told me that the technician was at my home at 11:59 am and tried to call me when I was with Rogers on the phone. What a liars! I was at home and nobody used the buzzer to call me. I'm 100% disappointed with Rogers right now, but I don't know if Bell will be a better choice or not, Internet in Canada is not reliable. I use the Internet at my work place with speednet test showing a very high performance (80-90 mbps download, 60-80 mbps upload). I am going to have guests and would like to have Internet at home. I was expecting that Rogers would provide great service and not only take money out from my pocket.

Thank you for the newest joke about Rogers to share at work: Technician supposed to show up from 10 to 12, arrived at 11:59 am and left without doing the instalation  because he/she could not call me as  I was with Rogers on the phone asking about where is the technician!!!! This is so insane.


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Re: Rogers Install, A JOKE

You wont be started to be charged, until the service is isntalled.. so you wont be paying anything until they do install it.