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Rogers Hub Internet Lag Spikes

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About a year ago, we reinstated rogers as our internet serivce provider and more and more recently our internet has crashed for 2-5 minutes about twice an hour, which is frusturating when relying on the internet. We live at a dead end road in a small community, with trees surrounding us from almost every direction.  We got a ZTE rocket hub, which provided us with 20 GB of 4G internet for $90, and to fit our needs we bought a second ZTE hub, which gives us 40 GB for $180 monthly. I have run several speedtests and our connectivity at a good time is around a ping of 53ms, a download speed of 3.30 Mbps, and an upload speed of 0.85 Mbps. We pay a rather large amount of money each month for our internet and I would hope that it wouldn't crash continually, and I am unaware why the internet is crashing so frequently. I do not touch the power cables, the hubs are by a windowsill, and I was really hoping that this confusion could be cleared and possibly have the problem resolved. If you need more information about our hubs or location or other factors, please reply and let me know. Thanks for the time!




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Re: Rogers Hub Internet Lag Spikes

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we here have used an Ericsson W35 RocketHub since mid-2010 for both voice and data.  We have used the RocketHub in a number of different locations in southern Ontario, some rural, some urban.  So, when I claim experience with internet "crash" problems, I speak with quite a bit of history.


We too have had numerous problems over the years, some of which we could correct, and some of which seem to be beyond our control.


First, you state you have Internet "crashes".  Do you mean you get Internet disconnections?  What is your actual exact experience when this happens? What indications are you getting from your PC, data devices and/or from the ZTE at the time of the crash?


Second, what, if anything do you normally do to recover from an Internet "crash"?  Or does the Internet connection recover spontaneously without you taking any action?


Third, have you discussed this issue with Rogers support, and if so, what was the result?


Fourth, what is the cellular network signal strength you get at your location?


I am tempted to list a number of possibilities and observations, but it really makes no sense to do so until you reply with information on the above questions.






Re: Rogers Hub Internet Lag Spikes

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I am wondering if you might have left your settings on in the Rocket Hub browser settings in the default mode.


If you can get LTE in your area it is best to leave it as is. But if you can't get LTE at your location it is best to change Settings/Network Selection Mode to "4G only". If you leave it at "Automatic" it will disconnect you from the Internet regularly and the only way to get the connection back is to power down the Hub and power it back up.


So, if you have it set to Automatic, go back to Home (house icon) and disconnect the hub manually. Then go to settings and under Network Selection Mode and enable 4G Only. Then hit the "Apply and Reboot" button and wait for it to reconnect. Doing this you will find that there will be far fewer interruptions while the Hub searches for non-existent LTE signals.

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