Rogers Hub 3G25W-R connectivity problems.

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Rogers Hub 3G25W-R connectivity problems.

Does anyone know what I can do to make this thing work properly?   I want to do the following 2 things, and it shouldn't really be this difficult to do:


1) Ping the rocket hub from a remote location

2) Access the administration menu, from a remote location

3) Have DynDNS update PROPERLY


But guess what... neither work.  First of all, getting the IP address is a quest in it's own.  The IP address that's listed in the administration menu is completely different, to one you get when going to a site like "".  the one that comes up with '' is actually the same one that the Rogers hub tries to update DynDNS to.... however neither work.  I have the "Discard PING from WAN side" disabled... so it's able to do the pings back, but it never does...not from EITHER IP addresses.


Can someone please help? Rogers has explained over their 'tech support' line, that they do not support connecting to the Rogers hub... and that it's only for 'viewing the intern'et.... and not to be a server... which makes no sense at all.


The reason I know this works, is because the rocket hub even has "port forwarding' built into it... why would it have this 'feature', if it didn't support it?  I've gotten it to work once by fluke... but it's not working now.





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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers Hub 3G25W-R connectivity problems.

It actually does support it (it being accessing devices behind the hub via port forwarding for example). However do enable this feature you need to contact Rogers and ask for a Public IP Address.

At a cost of $10/month this will give your hub a 74.x.x.x address like the ones you've been seeing at those various "what is my IP" sites, instead of the 25.x.x.x or 24.x.x.x addresses your Hub was reporting.

Then you should be able to access devices just fine.

As for DynDNS, I do have a public IP but my DynDNS isn't updating for some odd reason; I wish it did what DD-WRT does and verifies that it can actually get there instead of just saving settings.

Hope this helps!

- D
I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 2

Re: Rogers Hub 3G25W-R connectivity problems.

Really... thats interesting.  Would have been nice if they told me that on the phone.


Thanks for letting me know - i'll call em and try that.  Thanks.