Rogers Horrible Launch of the Nokia Lumia 920

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Rogers Horrible Launch of the Nokia Lumia 920

   I just want to know if anybody else feels like Rogers has missed the bus with their non-existent launch of the "Windows 8 experience" and more importantly the Nokia Lumia 920. Why a company would secure exclusive rights to a phone, only to barley promote the device makes no sense to me. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia and still to this date it is impossible to walk into a Rogers store and "try out the windows 8 experience on any of their windows 8 phones; including the Lumia 920. Rogers has squandered what little buzz the phone had at launch by not providing their stores with any live Demo's of the 920. In fact how is any consumer supposed to walk into a Rogers and give "the windows 8 experience" a try on any of the current windows 8 phones. Neither the Htc 8x or Lumia are available to try. I admire the people who just "go for it", preordering a phone in the hopes that not only do they like the device but also the new operating system. But for me that's a gamble I'm not willing to take. What business model supports this horrible sales technique. You wouldn't walk into a car dealership and buy a brand new car solely based on a few reviews you had read. You would want to take the car for a test drive and see if it's the right fit for you. I can't understand how a massive company fails to see something so obvious as this. Phones are no longer a decsion people make based on appearance. These are now essential pieces of technology we use in our day to day lives. That coupled with locking in to a 3 year contract is reason enough for the common consumer to want to be able to make an informed decision. 

   The second part of my rant/question goes like this; Rogers why would you secure the rights to a phone and then barely promote it. There was no hype on the Rogers website for this Window's 8 flagship phone. There was no "now coming" pre-launch advertising like there are for other phones. Rogers had the unique chance to promote a true iphone, android competitor that only they carry. The reps at the Rogers store can't even promote/sell the phone because they too haven't been able to try the phone out. Instead Rogers, the advertising wizards that they are,decided to go with the" try the new window's 8 expereince"  campaign. It's to bad someone should explain to the ad executive what the word experience means. You can't experience something if you can't try it. This is a no brainer. What an epic fail and horrible phone launch.

Good job Rogers. You threw away a golden opportunity to be a trend setter with the Lumia 920, from poor color choices to, just plain lack of advertising. Not since you had exclusive rights to the iphone have you had such a good chance to take on a new market share with a (potentially??) good phone and Window's 8


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Re: Rogers Horrible Launch of the Nokia Lumia 920

As for the try before you buy... its pretty much that way on ALL the phone.  Ocasionaly you will get a live demo in a store... but 8/10 times, the stores will have dummies, for ALL models.

Iphone 4, 4s, 5, all had live ones, but under protection.  At least where i am.  Not a single working windows 7 phone,  and only 1-2 of the android ones were live as well.


As for advertising.. i have seen a few paper adds for it.  As well, at lest once a night, if not more, i have seen the rogers TV add for this phone, well its more for windows 8, but its primarily the phone they are all holding.


Did they potentialy miss out on some advertising potential on it? I wont 100% argue on that.. yes they could have done more.  BUT, you have to look at it, % of the market share for windows phones?  VERY SMALL.. is it worth the extra money, compared to models/brands you know will sell?

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Re: Rogers Horrible Launch of the Nokia Lumia 920

GDkitty you are very wrong...

If you read more, you will see the a lot of people are actually buying Windows 8 phones. Why do you think the stores have no stock? Why do you think the MS store at Yorkdale most of the times has no stock? REASON being is because it gets sold out.

Rogers has the chance to get more advertising for all the Windows 8 phones BUT choice not to spend the money to do it. All the Rogers Plus stores that have been renovated, have Android, iPhone's, Blackberries & Window 7.5 /8 phones as live phones with security on them. The Rogers store at Eatons Center & Yorkdale have them on live.

The problem is that Rogers does NOT care to Advertise the products they have. They rather keep their money in their pocket. GDkitty is wrong by saying " BUT, you have to look at it, % of the market share for windows phones? VERY SMALL". It could be small but i suggest looking around / calling stores to see the demand before making the claim..

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Re: Rogers Horrible Launch of the Nokia Lumia 920

I only go off what i know.  If you called the stores near where i live.. you would find all of them have stock (i was in 2 of the 3 in the last few days). 

Demand may be going up, i dont doubt that... and they may be selling out.  BUT.. % wise, they are still likely the smallest percentage of all the types that are bought. (iphone and android top, win phones are likely taking over from BB though).


In the end, its neither of our choices.. its Marketings.  Maybe they droped the ball, maybe they didnt.  Its their call, and their reprocussions if not.
But they are paid to do that job, to analyse the markets, and do suff accordingly.  They may have felt the cost vs return was not high enough..


The new connected magazine that i got last night, had a whole bunch of stuff on the win 8 phones and i beleive the nokia in there.


I appologise that my first comment may have come off looking more as an agument.  I was not trying to start one.