Rogers Home Phone - Strange Ringing

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Rogers Home Phone - Strange Ringing

I have Rogers VOIP home phone service. I noticed recently that from time to time I get called with what can only be described as a "different type of ring". Instead of typical....ring-ring..........ring-ring..........ring-ring     etc,

I get....(extended)Ring......ring-ring-ring......(extended)ring.......ring-ring-ring.

As it turns out these calls end up coming from unwanted sources,so I'm quite happy with it.

My question is, is this a Rogers "thing" (recognizing telemarketers.....or unrecognized numbers?),because I never set up anything like this.

or is it to do with my ATT Phone Model CL4939 (again,I never set up anything on the phone to do this)




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Resident Expert
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Re: Rogers Home Phone - Strange Ringing

While it COULD be part of your phone.. its often part of the LINE itself.. its the line which pushes out what tone to play


one long ring, followed by TWO short, is the normal identifier for LONG DISTANCE incomming calls. (not quite sure if that is what you are hearing).  Alot of telemarketers would be long distance calls.


There are other 'virtual' lines you can pay to have.. desitinctive ring lines.. they are usualy two long, or 2 short one long.  This can be used to identify for different callers in the house, for a fax line, etc.