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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

Rubber Ethernet cable protector for iCamera2


Hello Community Forum,


We have decided to move a couple of our Rogers security cameras (iCamera2) from inside to outside but realized that the rubber protector (which protects the Ethernet plug from the elements) is missing on one of them. 


1) Is it possible to obtain/purchase the rubber cable protector from Rogers?


2) If not, will it still be okay outside under a covered porch?


Thank you.





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Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

Hello, @JGoulding


I know how important it is to ensure your camera equipment will work outside before going through all of the trouble to move it.


The rubber protectors only come with the cameras so it may be difficult to find one, we do not sell the individual pieces on their own. If the camera is under a covered porch it should be okay be it really does depend on the placement and how exposed to the elements it actually is.


You may be able to find a DIY solution in the electrical section of a hardware store where wiring is located. If you have one of them already you can take it with you to the store to see if they have anything similar you can use.


I hope this helps!