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Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

(posting this here, since there is not its own board for it 🙂


As of yesterday, i now have the Rogers Home Monitoring security system.  I am creating this thread here, so people can ask question on the service, share their experiences, etc.




As with any security system, it needs the sensors/monitors to work.  These are all bought through rogers, so they are your own to own, can take them when you move, etc.  These are the following devices, i know of, that are available.

- Motion sensors (heat based)

- Door/window sensors

- Glass Break Sensors

- Video Cameras

- Light activators (can remotely turn on/off plug in lights/lamps)

- Furnace controls (this requires you to use a specific control from them as your general thermostat, but then can be connected to through the service


- They are working on apparently one for the front house lights.  Works kind of like a timer you can get for your exterior lights, but then can also be accessed via this service to turn on and off.


The last thing is the tablet/keypad.  This is touch screen, and will go into some of its other features later).  It requires a power source, but has a battery backup on it.  This in the end, is NOT owned by you, but part of your monthly fee.  But with that, they are able to change/update the pad as technology moves on. (rumor is that in about a year, they will be going to a newer more function one).


All these devices connect via bluetooth.  All my main floor, with pad at front door, and back door sensor was at 100% signal strength.  Only one that was a little less, was the montion sensor upstairs at 80.




One big thing that rogers pushes with this, compared to most security systems, is that it has dual connections.  Its primary connection out, is via your internet connection.  Its also has a backup, that if this is severed or not working, that it will go out via the celular network.


The pad, connects wirelessly, to your network.  Now, the technicians when they come out, say that you have to have the SMC gateway.. its most likely because they have had the best luck on the pad connecting to it.  Other sources say, that they have been able to switch back to a cisco one, etc.. and even connect it on their own wireless router.


Arming/Disarming, etc


This system gives you a few default options.  Alarm Stay, Alarm Away, Alarm Night.

Alarm Stay - allows one to arm it while in the house.  Any motion detectors will not be turned on.  Primary door only, will be allowed an exit durring the arming time, and will have a 60sec delay if opened after arm, to be able to turn the alarm off.

Alarm Away - will turn on all the motion detectors, as well as the sensors.  It will allow the door to open/close durring the arming, and give the 60 seconds to disarm when entering.

Alarm Night - Is the same as an alarm stay, where the motion sensors are turned off.  BUT the major difference, is that the main door, is set to full alarm.  If it is opened, it will set of the alarm, there is not the 60 seconds to disarm.


Also, you can pre-turn off speicific montiors.  So say, you are having a party, and want the front door and windows alarmed, but still want people to go through the back door in and out.. you can turn OFF the back door sensor, then set the alarm.. and it will ignore the one sensor.  Once the system is unarmed, it will go back to its default setting.


These different settings, can be accessed via the touchpad.  They also can be set via the app (iphone, ipad, and android (phone only)), or also the online services page. 

You can set up different codes, for different people.  That your faimily has one, but your kids another.  That your mother has yet another when she visits.  Via the pad or the web apps, you can view the history, and see which code was used to un alarm when.  You can also restrict times/dates that those codes are usable.


You can set up multiple notifications, for different types of things.  Even different notifications that go to different people.
You can set it up, that it will email you, every time the system is unarmed.  But set it that any ALARM will text and email both you and your wife that it was set off.
You can pre schedule stuff.  That at 12 midnight, the system will auto arm itself, incase you didnt do it.  You can set it that the video camera, will record a section of video at this time, since the kids should be home.
You can set it, that when ever the door opens, durring a certian period of time, take a picture, so you know who is with your kids at the time.

You can set it, for NON events as well.  So your kids are suposed to be home, between 3-4.  IF the system is not unarmed at that time, it will notify you.


Bonus Apps


These are really an extra but there are other apps you can have on the touch pad itself.  Things from a clock, to, and the weather network, and trafic listings.  So before you go , you can check the weather or traffic, etc.  You can also set these as a screen saver, that when the thing is idle, is always showing the sports scores, etc.




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Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

The exact model, i am not sure of.. thats one of the items, i DONT have with the rogers system myself.
(i have the door sensors, glass break, motion, and the litght on/off modules)


Is the site which lists the hardware.. unfortunately doesnt list the models 😞

Just says, that they have day/night sensors.
I would GUESS there might be some zoom functionality.. but i dont think that they have any pan/tilt.


Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

I've Been Around

Hello! Just a question.

I can see who armed or disarmed the alarm on my account from my computer but I cannot see this information from the app (smart home monitoring) on my phone. The history just show that the alarm was armed or disarmed in my phone. Can I access to this information on the phone?



Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

Unfortunately, no 😞

Thats one thing that i wish was there.. i have been asking for it to be implemented from the begining.


Now, to go along with the website update, they are suposed to be updating the PHONE app as well.. so possibly with the new update?

Smart Home Monitoring System

My Home Monitoring System is not working. When armed, even if you open any doors or windows connected the alarm will not sound. It also do not register if open or close on the touchscreen monitor. Lookslike the sensor is not properly communicating.

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
On the main status screen, where you are arming, is it showing all the sensors there?

You are arming it on armed away? And not stay or night?

Would be best to give tech support a call. They can try some stuff remote, and if not send a tech out to re-communicate them if that's the issue.

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

I Plan to Stick Around
Following up on my question about switching internet providers.

They may try some bogus comments to dissuade you. Like saying you need to set up the other provider before cancelling. Which can involve extra fees. They may tell you that you could incure fees by not using their internet if something happens at home? They might even refuse to give you a cancel date (try again).

My security system worked fine without internet. It just didn't send texts. I had an ip routing issue that Rogers was ignoring for over a week when I switched to a reseller. So I had the 'opportunity' to find out.

When internet was back up, I hooked up the Rogers router and everything was golden.

Cons: if you get a Roger's line reseller, they won't care if you are still a customer. You'll still get some potentially bad replies / support calls.

I was told someone would come by to make sure my home security system was connected to the internet : they sent a non-home security guy to pick up my modem and he was not authorized to assist.

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

Since making my initial posts for this thread.. many things have changed.. including the ablility to have a 3rd party internet service.


As long as your connection can provide a DHCP address to the netgear router, thats all that should be needed.


Obviously they cant gaurantee full connectivity at all times to it, due to they dont have control of the internet.. but it should still work.




Wierd though, i have never had a service call for the sec system which was a regular tech.. was always a specific security trained one.. different trucks, etc, at least in this area.

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

I've Been Around

I just had Roger home monitoring installed today. Every time the door opens, there is an audible chime from the door sensors.

Is there a way to turn this off?


I would like to move one of the motion sensors, which is installed in a corner. I want to move it to another corner. What's the best way to do this?



Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
I am on vacation but will be home tomorrow. There is a way in the settings to turn the ding off, just forget where.
(I myself prefer it as I have a young child. Know when they have snuck out :p)

You can move the sensors, etc yourself. But, Rogers would have no responsibility if they were places wrong and say were setting off false alarms, etc.
You can get them to come out, not sure if they charge for it tho.

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
To change the sounds

Enter your pw

Should be able to change it here.

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

I've Been Here Awhile

Thank you for starting a thread on this, and everyone for their input and help, a few tips have already

become useful,


but I've searched all over the threads, and the net itself, but can not seem to find an answer to this,

so I'm hoping someone knows and/or may have already accomplished this.


We've been with Rogers for along time, with all the services, and just recently changed over to include

the home monitoring package.  The one thing I can not figure out with all the playing around with the features,

is there a possible way of recording the live stream from the touch pad and/or camera, to a dvr, cloud or external

hard drive ?  accessing the feed from the seperate netgear router , or network, SD slot, usb,  anything.

Something where you can record and store a few days worth of live video, as opposed to just short

clips when an event is triggered, like the front door opening.


We've set our camera up that includes a perfect shot of our front porch, leading to and including our vehicles,

as we recently had a break in one of them right in the driveway, and thought this would be such a perfect option

as opposed to buying a seperate outdoor camera/system.


Our tech told us we could easily enough install our camera outside under a high covered patio/porch,

and has the nightvision, and easily enough

wired into the house for the power.  But it still does not allow us to record live stream to store and view if needed.


Any thoughts or success already doing this, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

Unfortunately... the camera is one thing i DONT have in the system right now (plan to in the next year or two).


I think they havent included anything like this, due to the limited storage space on the unit.. 😞

If i do find out anything i will let you know.

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

I've Been Here Awhile

Thank you very much Gd


You will like it when you do get it,  Its a great picture, and wireless images not too bad at all as far

as lagging or freezing.  Its best suited for indoors, as they advertise, to be triggered when when of your door sensors or motion sensor goes off, and you can set rule to record a short clip, or take a picture.  And it does do that perfectly and great quality

even with the night vision its still fairly decent.  Without a sensor of anykind outside to trigger the camera with a set rule,

the live stream wouldnt help if someone came by again.  Luckily they only took change as it was my fault leaving my door unlocked, rushing in after work., so I think it was a "convenience" theft

more than a damaging or violent crime really, probably young kids but would love to see if they were known to us.


I was just hoping to take it to the next step and hopefully be able to access the live stream, and even store it on a cloud

service, or, running through my puter to an external hard drive dedicated to it.  A seperate outdoor system, even just

2 cameras position to cover the front / driveway, and one in the back is easy enough, and fairly priced now adays,

I was just hoping for the easy way if possible, since the live stream already exists. LOL


Thank you again, very much, your time and help is greatly appreciated.

Not taken for granted.

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

I've Been Here Awhile
Just curious who would pay for a police bill stating a false alarm? We were at home and did not set the alarm, but the police showed up saying that there was an alarm set. Later we had a rogers technician come by the house, and he eventually replaced one of the sensors in our home. Our sensor would go off about once a month or so over the course of 3-4 months, but that last time was different. Anyways, since the sensor had been replaced we've not had any issues whatsoever. I'm curious, are we the home owner stuck paying the false alarm bill (we went ahead and paid it) or would rogers cover that, since it ended up being a faulty piece of equipment? Thanks.

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

You would have to try and fight rogers for them to cover it, i think.

With the system..  when the alarm goes off.. false or not.. accidental, or by a faulty equipment.. they call center should contact you first at your first contact number.
If they cant get ahold, and if you dont have any other numbers listed.. THEN they call the police.

So you SHOULD get notification first... and have the option then of having them NOT send the police.

I had this a number of times, after i first got my Cats.. in the end had to end up disabling the motion sensors... but always stoped it at the contact center level, before the police.

Only other possible one, might be the QUICK pannic button.. it might do a direct call to the police, etc.

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

I've Been Here Awhile
In most cases it was a notification via phone etc where we had the option to cancel, but the last one where the cops did come there was no notification so somehow the quick panic was set, but there was no history of it being set on our monitor so it was a bit of an odd case. Thanks for the quick reply. 🙂

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

I've Been Here Awhile

I have a question. Thinking of getting RHM. But want to know the quality of the cameras and if they can zoom also how often do they record and can I program them to record ever x amount of sec or mins. Also Can I have the recordings saved to a dvr or a micro sd card? Alarm force offers wireless cameras curious if Rogers will go that way also since you dont need money to spend of wires.

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

I've Been Around



We're considering switching to RHM for monitoring. We are currently using Brinks Broadview ADT security, which requires a home phone line. Since we both have cell phones, it's 35 bucks wasted each month. If we could use Rogers, we could cancel the home phone and ADT, who I've never really liked anyways. Smiley Sad


What I was wondering was, will the system use the old contact sensors, or do we have to fork out for all new ones? With three doors and 11 windows, it could get pricey really fast if we did.

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

This part i am not positive on, you would have to call rogers and check.  (since i didnt have anything).


But my understanding on it, is that they will either use the existing sort of central connection thing (where all the sensors lead to).. and then they have another device which connects to it, and then talks to the rogers system.

There may be limiations as to WHAT specific things can/cant be connected.. (may work with device A, but not B)


Really all in all, its best to give them a call.

They may have different promtions on at different times as well.  When i signed up (when it was pretty new mind you), you got $X of free equipment, etc.  They may have something similar now as well.

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

I've Been Here Awhile
Rogers installed a security camera for us last month. Today the camera can no longer connect to the system. Everything else works fine. I have checked the plug to the camera and the wireless connection. The only thing I haven't done is climb a ladder to look at the camera itself. Before I do so is there anything else I should check?

Re: Rogers Home Monitoring - Q & A Thread

i dont have a camera yet.. so not 100% sure on how it works..

I am guessing it connects to the same netgear wireless that the pannel connects to..

Your pannel is working fine?



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