Rogers HD TV is terrible. Go with Fiber Op

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Rogers HD TV is terrible. Go with Fiber Op

It's been nearly a year and I still don't have HD TV working without audio chopping, cutting and overall making the experience unpleasurable.  I have to switch to a SD version of the channel and watch that.


I've had Rogers in and replace all affected RG6 cable, which was all new 3yrs ago when I moved in and had the drop replaced and all the cabling and splitters replaced.


I've had two visits from Rogers techs and I can't fault them.


The issue is either from the head end or I have two boxes that are bad.   One box is much worse than the other, the other now seems to generally not chop up, most of the time.


I have 9 DB at the CSE after a short 20-30 foot RG6 drop.


I have isolated the box that is most affected so it's the only thing in the system and it still has issues.


Rogers, you are terrible and are loosing a customer.  The only reason I haven't switched is because I'm just too busy to keep dealing with your 'attempts' to pretend to fix my problem.


I'm glad you are enjoying your 107$/month donation from me for what I consider basic cable tv and horrible service with a stone aged DCT menu/guide system.


For what I'm getting (only addons is HD and the basic HD channel package) I would be willing to pay about 50$ with tax per month, if the HD channels didn't have the problems that they do.


My relatives have Fiber Op and neither of theirs has issues like this and they're all within 1 KM of my house.


Thanks for being crummy Rogers.



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Re: Rogers HD TV is terrible. Go with Fiber Op

Yeah,. from the sounds of it.. its something in that area then likely.


I completely understand you wanting and if you changed.

Minus 1-2 months where there was a street issues (whole street effected.. which was eventually fixed by maintenance dept), where i am everything is fine, perfect signal, and have never had an audio drop or similar.

So alot has to do with the location/service, in that particular area.


(eg: my brother in law has bell fibe.  While he generally loves it.. when it works.  2-3 times a day there is short dropuouts, on both TV and net. Bell cant seem to figure it out..)