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Rogers HD PVR won't boot

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My Scientific Atlanta explorer 8300 HD PVR froze on me today.  No inputs would register either from the remote or on the box itself.  The only option I had was to remove the power cable and reboot the box.  Unfortunately, when I restart the box, the boot screen comes up, and the box itself says boot, but this is as far as it gets, the clock never appears.


Two questions about this.


First, is the box dead?  I've tried other cables and TV's and I get the same result.


Second, if the box is dead do I have any options?  This is not a rental, but rather a box I own, would there be any reason to contact Rogers directly, or am I better off looking for a third party to see if they can repair it.





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Re: Rogers HD PVR won't boot

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Have you tried the box on another outlet in your house?  It does sound like the box is dead, but it can't hurt to try.


If its owned, Rogers won't do anything, except try to rent you a new box.  You can try to get it repaired (sounds like a failed hard drive to me) or try to swap the drive yourself...there are threads ōn the net somewhere to guide you.

Re: Rogers HD PVR won't boot

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My first thought is that when it was frozen, it was in the middle of an update, and that when you unplug it, it interrupts the update meaning that when you plug it back in, it begins the update process again.


I posted in the "8642HD issues after midnight" thread the other day that my 8642HD was frozen for about 50 minutes twice this week due to updates.


If it is indeed "dead", in my experience, it is worth calling Rogers - they replaced my box once even though I own it. The worst they can do is say "no".

Re: Rogers HD PVR won't boot

Well an owned 8300, unless it was JUST bought off the shoping channel recently refurb.. is likely LONG out of warranty.

If it wont boot up.. its quite possible its dead..

Could just need a drive replacement.. but that is getting harder on those boxes as well, as the IDE drives are not as easy to get ahold of now.

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