Rogers Guide freezing up on my Explorer 4250HD

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Rogers Guide freezing up on my Explorer 4250HD

First-time poster, long-time Rogers critic...


When scrolling through my on-screen guide, I am often left cursing as it freezes. The only way to get it unstuck seems to be to exit and re-enter. This seems to be happening with increasing frequency and is irritating because you have to get back to what channel you were looking at and what time you were checking. By the time you get there, it wants to freeze again!


Any ideas? (Please don't suggest I reboot. You think I haven't tried the only solution ever offered by Rogers for hardware, software or underwear problems?)


It doesn't seem to happen on my standard def boxes, so I'm thinking it's a hardware issue. I've considered buying a new HD box (or PVR) and moving this one to the less-used bedroom set, but the price of the boxes is completely out-of-touch with reality. Really, Rogers? $500 for a PVR? $319 for just an HD box? REALLY??


It's been about 5 years since I moved here, saying goodbye to Cogeco with their lightning fast guide and on-demand programming that doesn`t take ten minutes and a strong set of mules to access. With all the money I`ve paid Rogers, you`d think they`d have a bigger Research and Development department or lower the hardware costs. (What`s that...they don`t have an R&D department? Where'd the money go? They want to buy the Leafs?? But I live in Ottawa and get the Leaf games blacked out!)


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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers Guide freezing up on my Explorer 4250HD

i cant believe no one responded to this...
i totally hear what you are saying...

worse thing is it sometimes would freezes so freakin long... gets you little too frustrated...

another updated technology?
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Guide freezing up on my Explorer 4250HD

I also have a 4250.  It does not freeze up when scrolling through the guide, but it does freeze up occasionally when setting a reminder for a program.  Once the reminder is set  the guide freezes and the only way out is to exit and re-enter the guide. 

Does this sound familiar?     If this can be replicated there may be a glitch in the firmware for the sa4250.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers Guide freezing up on my Explorer 4250HD

It's nice to know I'm not alone.


I just installed another 4250 last night (bought is used from someone who moved to a non-Rogers territory), so I'll see how it goes. Getting it authorized was a comedy of errors. I think I spoke to about 10 separate people at Rogers, with each one asking for my phone number, address, date of birth, etc. One even had the temerity to ask for an updated expiry date for a credit card I used as ID when I became a Rogers customer! (She was...maybe #7 that I spoke to. You want to yell, "Please focus on my needs, not yours!) Each time, I had to repeat all the details of my request, despite being told more than once, "I'll make sure this is all noted so that you don't have to repeat it." Apparently, so one hits "Save" on the notes? The whole process took about 2 hours, with about half of that one the phone line.


Anyways, during this process, I asked 2 or 3 of them about the freezing up. The theory they have is that Rogers is pushing so much content through that it clogs things up. (Picture a large bucket of slop being poured into a small funnel) I had already wondered about that, as with each bell and whistle added (ads, graphics, etc.) the guide and on-demand get a little slower.


Perhaps Rogers needs to concentrate on getting the infrastrucure improved before they add any more self-serving content?

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers Guide freezing up on my Explorer 4250HD

I replying because my Explorer HD PVR also freezes everytime I try to watch certain shows on Rogers On Demand. I thought it was my box the first time, and I had to go exchange it. Now with a new box it's happening again. 

I don't understand. I'm going to leave it off for a bit now, maybe it will 

I'm an Advisor
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Re: Rogers Guide freezing up on my Explorer 4250HD

Hello all,

I was having this problem until I demanded that a technician be sent out to examine the problem. In my case, there were too many homes connected to the cable node outside my neighbours place (where I am also connected) and tech replaced my signal amplifier and splitters with new ones. 


This helped me - I have 4 NextBoxes (3 PVRs), 1 8300HD, 2 DTA-50s, Rogers Home Phone, Internet and a signal booster.


Good luck, I hope everyone having these issues is escalating to technical support and getting a technician visit to check wiring, splitters, etc.