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Rogers GeoTxt

So today I got a welcome text from Rogers Geo-txt about how they should send me ads via SMS messages, and that I should click on the link and set my preferences.  


I immediately called support and they said they did NOT send this, but the text came from 5050, and when I looked it up on website, I saw this:


So first off, I think the support folks REALLY need to study up on what their company is doing.  They told me to call the national do not call registry and that someone likely sold my phone number.  While I'm sure that's happened, that's a complete load of . . ROGERS sent this . text to my phone.  Second, apparently it's in the terms of service that hey can do this . .  So I guess that Rogers gets to send us text messages based on our geo location for great services and I am so fed up with this constant barrage of advertising.  I texted stop to the message and it appears that it will take 10 days to "Opt out" of something I never opted in for.


Time for consumers to raise . over this, as I believe this is unacceptable!


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Re: Rogers GeoTxt

Hello @DeanD,


I completely understand your frustration here, unwanted advertisements can become quite an annoyance over time. The agent you spoke to should have been aware of this as the information provided definitely was not right and worrisome, to say the least. 


I know how much of an inconvenience this whole ordeal has been. If you receive any additional GeoTexts going forward please let us know so we can investigate this further for you and ensure it is stopped.


We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this matter.



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Re: Rogers GeoTxt

Unfortunately.. i have see this with rogers..
(as well as many other companies)


When something NEW comes out.. say a new plan, new promo, new device..
Call in that first day... and 1/2 of the time the people have no clue about it.. till they look at the site or their system.

You would THINK that there would be some sort of internal 'hey this is coming' sort of thing.. that they are suposed to read every day, etc.

-------------- (side note)
Makes me think about retail.. See this all the time with flier sales, things like right now with black friday, etc.
You go in, today is the first day of X being on sale.  Cant find it.. ask someone. "Oh yeah, its still in the back, we havent unboxed it yet"
What?  Its not like you DIDNT know about your own flier yet.. and what was going on sale.
When i worked retail (staples).. we had the flier at the latest 3 days before it was 'live'.  It was our job to know what was on it.. and make sure that displays, stock, etc were all out the night before, etc.