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Rogers Froyo(2.2) bugs

I Plan to Stick Around

Overall I like the new version of the software, although I'm not a fan of the additional bloatware that was installed (Which I'm not allowed to remove without modifying the phone).


I've noticed two bugs that are very annoying.



#1 - The proximity sensor is now not working properly.  Every time I hold the phone between my head and shoulder without using my hands, the screen turns on and my face starts pressing buttons.  This was *never* like this before, and is highly annoying.  A basic ability of any cell phone is now not present.


#2 - The "Contacts" application will not close.  It remains resident in memory using between 10 megs and 40 megs of ram.  If you force close it, the entire desktop disapears for a few seconds before returning.  This was not like this for the last update.


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Re: Rogers Froyo(2.2) bugs

I Plan to Stick Around

To clarify the proximity sensor problem: Any time the screen is facing UP, the phone is now ignoring the proximity sensor.  This is completely unacceptable.


Please issue a patch to correct this, as the phone is not useable when these conditions are met.

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