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Rogers First Rewards

I'm a Reliable Contributor

Rogers has introduced a new loyalty program called Rogers First Rewards. From what I can see, it will replace the Better Choice Bundles discounts.


If you previously subscribed to the Better Choice Bundles discounts, you could could earn up to 12% in discounts depending on how many services you subscribed to. Of course, if you got a better retention discount, you would lose the Better Choice Bundles discount. However, the point is that the Better Choice Bundles discount will be grandfathered UNLESS you sign up for Rogers First Rewards. You have to read the fine print!


Better Choice Bundles™ Customers. You acknowledge that if you currently participate in the Rogers Better Choice Bundles program or other discount program, and you are otherwise eligible for the Program, you may enroll in the Program. However, you acknowledge and agree that once you enroll in the Program you will no longer be eligible for any Rogers Better Choice Bundles discount or other applicable discount, and such discount will automatically be discontinued for all Rogers services and accounts under your name as of the start of your next billing cycle. Once you have stopped participating in the Rogers Better Choice Bundles program, you will not be able to re-enroll.


Judging by the comments on another forum, the First Rewards program is not very good.


It does not surprise me in the least that when Rogers introduces something new that they take something away in order to get it. Past experience would suggest that whatever they take away is usually better than whatever will replace it. So just a cautionary note: BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU SIGN UP FOR THE NEW PROGRAM. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR BETTER CHOICE BUNDLES DISCOUNT AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET IT BACK!

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Re: Rogers First Rewards

I'm a Reliable Contributor

Hello Carlo1108

Currently, accounts that are registered as "busines regular" are not eligible for the Rogers First Rewards program, although if you do have a account that is labeled as "Consumer Regular" (general personal account) but have a company plan, it is likely that it would have a company code which also would make that specific account ineligible.

From the sounds of it, you would fall under the latter of the two.

Keep in mind though that any other accounts under your name that would not be labelled with the corporate code or account type, would still be able to participate in the Program.

Hope this helps. 🙂


**Edit: Forgot to mention that if when you attempt to register, and it states that you are not currently eligible, another point to watch for is a past due balance. Having a past due balance on *any* account under your name (if you have multiple ones) would cause the program to show all of your accounts as ineligible. Once the past due balance is paid off, it will lift the ineligiblity for that specific issue. I forgot to pay my bill one time and it happened to me. 🙂

Re: Rogers First Rewards

Beware of the Rogers rewards fine print. If you have multiple services from them ( tv, Internet, wireless etc) you are probably getting their discount for this. In my case my discount was more than $30/month. That discount disappears when you sign up for the rewards that are certainly not worth that. Had to fight a bit to get it reversed and can only be done by the back office, not the front office CSRs

Re: Rogers First Rewards

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello Andy007

There are multiple threads about this subject. Yes everyone has to read the small writing and the fine print before signing anything or agree to something like this. Unfortunately many do not do that and then have to deal with calling in and yeah.

Although it does state 2-3 times before agreeing that u are going to lose any discounts u have or the better bundle discount.

Re: Rogers First Rewards



I got the rewards program without signing up. I never could figure out why, though. It just showed up on my account one day. I do get a slight discount on my 3 services as well. Maybe it's got something to do with being with Rogers for about 3 decades.

Re: Rogers First Rewards

IF you were not on the 'better choice bundle' discounts, then you were signed up automatically.
The better choice bundle discounts were the only ones removed.. other discounts like retentions, the newer bundle deals, etc.. still work.

Re: Rogers First Rewards



Thanks for the explanation.

Re: Rogers First Rewards

I've Been Here Awhile
Did anyone see the TechXpert "reward"? Lol... Redeem your points for customer support. What a company!

Re: Rogers First Rewards

No, trade points for EXTENDED tech support.

TechXpert covers external stuff.. can help people with virus removal etc... as well as other stuff internet wise which falls OUTSIDE of what the basic customer support covers.

Re: Rogers First Rewards

I've Been Around
I think you shouldn't have to read the fine print to find this out. There is a section in the FAQ about "does it cost anything to join". It states it's free. It should be stated up front that you wil lose the bundles discount. If you lose a discount it does actually "cost you" and is not free.

Re: Rogers First Rewards

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello halles

The program is FREE. They don't charge you to use Rogers First Rewards. While yes u lose ur discounts on ur account that doesn't mean they charge u to use the program..

I do agree they should have made it more visible but as a customer u should ALWAYS read the small fine print. That is ur responsibility to do.. I do it all the time to make sure there aren't no surprises. Also when signing up for Rogers First Rewards program, on the page it tells you 2 times that u will lose ur better choice bundle discounts.

Re: Rogers First Rewards

Myself with my first house.. i learned the hard way..  READ THE FINE PRINT.

Got stuck with a bad line of credit, on the house, had issues selling, etc... as the way the guy SOLD it.. wasnt the way it was.. and i didnt read the fine print enough.

WHENEVER signing up for anything.. ALWAYS read everything.  Read the legal stuff.. read the ToS.. read the FAQ.
Yes, i know its borring as heck..
But it prevents SUPRISES.

The amount of people, who in the past when there was the cancelation amounts, etc (pre flex tab)... would go to cancel and have NO CLUE that they had to do that if they canceled.  Were they TOLD about that when they signed up? Possibly not.  BUT it is in the contract that they signed...  regardless if you read it or not.. by SIGNING (or say in the case of like the rewards program, and clicking ACCEPT)... means you accept all the terms.

Re: Rogers First Rewards

I Plan to Stick Around

"The Rogers First Rewards™ loyalty program is designed exclusively for Rogers customers. It recognizes your loyalty by giving you more of what you want from Rogers. Each month you will automatically earn points on your eligible purchases that can be redeemed for more data, more connections and more entertainment. It’s our way of saying thanks for choosing Rogers.  "




We've been customers for more than 30 years.  Last year we added our home phone to a "bundle" and ended up in Rogers billing . for months, trying only to get the price advertised in Rogers OWN pamphlet, handed out in the store where we signed up.


Now I discover their loyalty program is not "compatible" with their Better Choice Bundles.  So much for being "loyal". 


Rogers you are a third world scam.  I will be taking my business elsewhere, first chance I get.  You can continue to blow any profits you get trying to market to new customers.  Every single person in your executive team deserves to be fired for incompetence.  Nothing like scaring customers away.


Rogers, you are disgusting and UN CANADIAN.

Re: Rogers First Rewards

I Plan to Stick Around

It used to be 15 %, Rogers took way 3 % way.  I was upset but at least I was told in advance.  I am definately keeping my Better choice bundle discounts.

Re: Rogers First Rewards

I'm a Trusted Contributor

I guess those who did read the fine print and kept the BCB discounts will be happy they did. With the rewards program ending, the decision to keep BCB looks better and better!

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