Rogers E-Mail Service: Yahoo.Rogers (Totally Sucks)

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Resident Expert
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Re: Rogers E-Mail Service: Yahoo.Rogers (Totally Sucks)

I have been talking with someone (i am on a IRC channel regularily with a bunch of other techs, many who have been in the business longer than i have.)

One of them, is actualy in the part of security for a few companies, which deals with email and web security at the HIGH level. He has thourouly researched the YAHOO 'hack' recently.

The hack, was done via an exploit in the 'blog' part of their site (which some of the news, etc things are posted on).  This allowed, a more of a man in the middle/information gathering to be done.  This 'hack' was more akin to a keyloger type of attack comparatively.
The yahoo databases were not HACKED, broken into, etc, and things stolen that way.
Anyone that would have had their accounts hacked, would have fallen pray to this other method.. and would have had to have used the webmail based service.

AGAIN, which is purely optional to use the web interface.. anyone who NEVER uses it, and only accesses their mail via other programs, would not fall prey to this.

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Resident Expert
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Re: Rogers E-Mail Service: Yahoo.Rogers (Totally Sucks)

i use webmail (when i am travelling and not at my computer),  i also use email client from my computer, and i also sync it with my black berry, and im using a account, not a rogers and was still hacked.

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Re: Rogers E-Mail Service: Yahoo.Rogers (Totally Sucks)

@Ed1952 wrote:

My Reply:

You sure said a lot

Okay, I laughed.

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Re: Rogers E-Mail Service: Yahoo.Rogers (Totally Sucks)

The most recent email revamp is lame. What is supposed to be the improvement over the previous version?


The thing that bugs me most is that when you delete an email the next email comes up scrolled down to where you were on the previous email when it was deleted. Whoever thought of that feature was an idiot. When an email come up, it should start at the beginning, no?