Rogers Dropping HD NET

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I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers Dropping HD NET

Just got off the phone with a ROGERS rep .......quizzed them on WHY they are ending HDNet programming,

I got a "no Idea...but there is lots of information on the Rogers Website about it" from the Rep

I have searched the ROGERS Site again and again......NOTHING.



REPS seem to know nothing



Sooooo........ I went to the HDNET site who have an entire webpage dedicated to supplying ROGERS' HDNet viewers with OTHER CABLE OPTIONS.......many providers, hopefully some in your area ALL YOU HDNet fans!


We appreciate your viewership and loyalty to HDNet and for tuning in for the unique, compelling & award-winning programming you love.

If you want to continue to enjoy all of our exclusive programming, contact one of the providers below and switch today!

If none of these providers are available in your area, please let Bell know that you want them to launch HDNet by visiting their web site or by calling 1-888-759-3474. Your call WILL help and we are close! Help us by placing a call today!


I urge you to take a look.......We spend 75% of our "adult-time viewing" watching HDNet's fun programming and amazing Sunday Music a definite need!


I checking out my other Cable options....if there's something good.....guess I'll switch it all....Internet, Home Phone, Wireless too....its 2011, there is no loyalty to Entertainment providers......who's got what I need for the best price


BESIDES - when was the last time you saw a PROMOTIONAL OFFER for any service worth anything to an existing ROGERS customer??.......All the decent Offers are for NEW CUSTOMERS....MAYBE ITS TIME!!!!!




I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Dropping HD NET

I'm glad I still have no download caps on my Bell internet account as the list is growing.


I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers Dropping HD NET

Cannot believe Rogers dropped this channel...I LOVED of the few HD channels I watched.  Drinking made easy was my favorite show.  I'm pretty sure my monthly bill wont reflect the channel they took away.  Rogers does it again!  Why do I not go elsewhere for cable...I ask myself everyday.


I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Dropping HD NET

As per the canned response mentioned in one of the earlier posts, this may have been a business decision, but IMO, it was a very poorly thought out one.


I wonder how many folks like myself took this as a chance to examine exactly what was being included in the $10 HD package, and thus decided that a few time shifted HD channels, A&EHD, TSN1+2, and discovery world HD wasn't worth the extra cash.


Add to this the fact that Atlantic canada still doesn't have a non-PVR HDMI HD receiver, as well as the lack of caps on Bell Atlantic high speed internet and I'm seriously considering moving my business over to them... I mean c'mon folks.... 3+ years here and we still don't have HDMI on our receivers, while bell's are all HDMI and only $5 / mo rental???? Please get with the program!!!!!! 

I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers Dropping HD NET

Where is the discount on my bill if we are not going to be receiving hdnet anymore. Does anybody who works for rogers ever come on here to explain things, great customer service not!

I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers Dropping HD NET

I was with Bell for more then 5 years but I dropped them (and dropped Aliant for my Telephone and internet) for Rogers just to keep HDNet.

So just based on the HDnet availabilityI Rogers will make in two years a 4800$ that Bell won't make.

In one years my rogers contract will be over...Who wan't my 5000$?

Please give me HDNet!