Rogers Digital TV - adding another TV

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Rogers Digital TV - adding another TV

I currently have Rogers Internet and Digital TV on 2 TV's: one TV works off a Nextbox Cisco Explorer 4642HD and the other one has a Nextbox Cisco 9865HD. I wanted to find the easiest/cheapest way to connect a 3rd TV in a different room. There are no cable runs to this other room.


Can I run a new cable to the other room, attach a cable splitter and install a used Nextbox 4642HD? Or would Rogers technicians be needed to optimize this so my TV and/or Internet service quality are not affected. And would my whole home PVR work to the new TV location?


I suppose a switch to Ignite TV/Internet would potentially be a better longer-term solution, but I have read several reviews that make me hesitant to make the change to Ignite at this time.






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Re: Rogers Digital TV - adding another TV

@atkid99 : Here are my comments.


1. The 4642 should work as a stand-alone box in the 3rd location, provided the signal there is adequate.


2. WHPVR is not supported for new users, but it is for legacy (grandfathered) clients. Getting the 4642 into the WHPVR setup may require a tech visit to your home, or a good CSR since it's no longer officially supported.   Good luck with that.  It was difficult enough to get a "new" box added to WHPVR when it was officially supported. 😉


Ignite may be a better option.

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Re: Rogers Digital TV - adding another TV

@atkid99  You can certainly use a splitter and a new cable run to add the Nextbox 4642HD in another room. But its not a PVR, so you can only watch, not record.

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