Rogers Digital Adapter - Not a Rogers Customer?

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Rogers Digital Adapter - Not a Rogers Customer?

Moved into my condo building 7 months ago and got free analog cable feed up until a few days ago.


Do I have no choice but to sign up for basic digital cable now as I'm not signed up as a cable customer with Rogers?


Located downtown Toronto. 



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Re: Rogers Digital Adapter - Not a Rogers Customer?

You need to check with your condo.
Some include cable with the monthly fees, you may just need to rent a digital box or get a dta.

If you were getting analog up till a few days ago, but it's not included, likely means it was just not disconnected with the prev owners.
Technically you have been stealing it for the last few months then 😞

If it's not included, you would have to sign up for service of some form, to get it.

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Re: Rogers Digital Adapter - Not a Rogers Customer?

Hey Everyone Smiley Happy


How is it going? Contact your condo administration to know if they are providing Rogers Cable. Rogers has been migrating from analogue to digital, so an adapter will be needed. If your condo is providing Rogers Cable, you can request to get you a Digital Adapter.


Thank you