Rogers Definition of "Internet Usage" & Best settings for SMC D3GN modem

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Rogers Definition of "Internet Usage" & Best settings for SMC D3GN modem

Hello Everyone,


Please bare with me while I go on a rant. I cannot understand how Rogers defines its "internet usage". I have spent many years abroad and just recently came back to Canada and to my surprise the communication sector of Canada seems to be stuck in the dark ages. I won't even start to complain about the lack of quality TV channels, I just recenty switched over to BASIC because I was sick and tired of having to pay obscene amounts of money for nonsense channels that I didn't even want. Why can't we just choose what we want to watch and pay for it? Is that really hard?


Secondly, why does Rogers have an internet usage limit in the first place? I can name several DEVELOPING ASIAN and SOUTH AMERICAN countries where this is not practiced. Internet is paid per month on decent prices, the quality is good and best of all NO LIMITS. Why in God's name is a DEVELOPED, WESTERN country like Canada allowing companies to slap limits on customers? What exactly is the purpose? I ask all of you go visit countries like Brasil, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Bolivia and see the average montly bill residents in those countries pay for internet and then compare it to Canada and you'll be shocked!


Now that my rant is over, I actually do need help.


I have an 80GB limit per month for internet and usually I barely cross 60GB. In fact my average is around 58GB to 62GB montly. First of all I'd like to ask this. If I am not using my full 80GB, then why is that not transfered to the next month? Suppose (like this month) I come close to crossing my limit...shouldn't the months where I didn't use the full 80GB be used to cover my "limit crossing"?


Anyway I think someone might be connected to my wireless network. I logged into my SMC D3GN router (using cusadmin/password) and now what do I do? I'm sorry, but I'm not very aware of internet settings and routers and what not it might as well be another unverse. I have no clue what I am looking at. Could someone please be kind enough to direct me on the following questions:



1. How can I check to see who is connected to my wireless network?




2. What are the best settings for my wireless router?


Here are my current settings

Wireless Basic Settings

Wireless ON/OFF - ENABLE

Wireless Mode - 11 B/G/N Mixed

SSID(1) - (network name) - hidden (unchecked), in-service (checked), WMM mode (unchecked)

Channel - 10


Wireless Encryption Settings

SSID - (network name)

Security Mode - WPA-personal


WPA mode - WPA-PSK

Cipher type - TKIP

Group Key Update Interval - 3600

Pre-Authentication - Disabled


MAC Filtering

SSID - (network name)

MAC filtering mode - Allow-All

Wireless Control List - none

Auto Learned Wireless Devices - there are two which I assume are my two smartphones

Manually added wireless devices - none


Wireless Advanced Settings

BG Protection Mode - Always Off

IGMP Snooping - Off

WMM configuration - ?



Operating Mode - Mixed

Channel Bandwidth - 20/40

Guard Interval - short

MCS - auto

Reverse Direction Grant - Enable

Extension channel - 2447 MHz (Channel6)

Aggregation MSDU - Disable

Auto Block ACK - Enable

Decline BA Request - Disable



HT TxStream - 2

HT RxStream - 2





Help please. Thank you.



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Re: Rogers Definition of "Internet Usage" & Best settings for SMC D3GN modem

Unfortunately, the internet is not a pay per use (like a pay as you go phone, etc).. and you are paying for anything UP TO that block amount.. whatever it may be.
I do agree. it should be much higher.. if not unlimited, period..

Anyways, onto the help for the router.
Thats the model i have, so i can check to see on mine.


Just as an extra percaution.. make sure to change your SSID name.. this will requir re-connecting on all devices though.


Wireless mode.. you should set to whatever you need.  If you only have N devices, there is no need to enable G for it, etc.

You will want to be on WPA2-PSK, not just WPA..
Make sure you CHANGE your password from what it was.. the more difficult the better


Personally, i would leave the cyper type on AES only, unless you need to have it on TKIP for some devices to connect.  AES is overall slightly stronger.. and my understanding is that TKIP will actually slow down the max speed (though this would only effect internal traffic speeds).


To get REALLY picky.. you start getting into the MAC FILTERING.  PRetty much, you put the physical MAC address of the wireless device, into the list.. and it will only then allow THOSE devices to authenticate.. nothing else can.